Hey guys and girls! I just got the most awesome ideas, since it'll all be one quiet Wiki, I'm thinking of making it robust! The name's Hibridragon, and I'll be making these updates weekly to pump up some excitement and noise for our silent Wiki as well as updating it to the latest dinosaurs possible! Let me get one thing clear, though: Like I said before, I'll be adopting the Wiki, and if that's fine with the lot of you, whoever you are and what's the left of this emptied Wiki, I'll go right about it.

In any case, this weekly updates will be occurring around weekends, either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, whichever happens so just wait! These Dino Dilemmas would provide two dinosaurs and you can vote which one is the best. By the next update and dilemma arrive, I'll be the one announcing the winners that won the most vote as well as the favored dinosaur! By the end of the month, I'll be bringing you the winners of each week and put 'em up together, and as a new month unfolds, I'll be announcing which one is the top of the month! So get ready to pump up some excitement, guys! (I don't expect many to see this, honestly)

So the first Dino Dilemma,


Cetiosaurus Medius is a Sauropod which means "Whale Lizard", apparently having remains similar to that of a whale,


whereas Megaraptor Namunhuaiquii, the "Giant Thief", has cool claws and attractive features. Ready Guys and Girls?!! It just so happened that the winner is Megaraptor! Cetiosaurus, due to his massive size, is fortunately slow while out Megaraptor can out take and defeat Cetiosaurus immediately. Don't be sad for those who liked Cetiosaurus, 'cause given the chance although small, Cetiosaurus can counteract!

And now,...this week's dilemma...Tsintaosaurus OR Lambeosaurus?! PICK UP SOME EXCITEMENT GUYS!

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