Hey guys and girls! Here are a few updates I would like to give you: I have become the admin of this Wiki, and I am trying to attract many Users who are interested in Dinosaur King, or even only dinosaurs, to come here, so don't you guys worry, there are plenty of other users here! (Though I fear the fact that I don't guarantee it.) So that's done, I have also updated our home page, and yes, normal users have been prevented to edit it, because I have learned from other Wiki that it is crucial to prevent normal users from editing, as vandalism may come and wreck our Wiki here; only admins are allowed to edit so, still I apologize for doing this. Also, I have finally created my fan fiction story! Catastrophic Outbreak, though not a single chapter has been released yet. And furthermore, due to the fact that I am busy most of the time and can't make weekly blog posts regarding Dino Dilemma, I have updated it to become monthly, each month having either four or six dinosaurs, which can be unfold in any random week!

So, last week's dinosaur! Tsintaosaurus Spinorhinus, or Lambeosaurus Lambei?! Why do I pick these two, do you ask? Well, first of all, both are Grass dinosaurs, which should be interesting since both possess nearly the same power, and that makes the decision harder! Second of all, these two are the most favored dinosaurs of the Grass attribute; both are really lovely and beautiful! And lastly, both possess a distinction within their skulls -- or heads, hahah -- which is a slight horn-like protrusion on each! Wouldn't it be awesome if both clashed together?

So what would be the outcome, huh? Ya'll ready?!

The winner is...Lambeosaurus! Of course, Lambeosaurus is larger than Tsintaosaurus, which makes it slower than Tsintaosaurus, but even with the speed of Tsintaosaurus, it won't really matter since Lambeosaurus is not far behind as well as having the largest horn-like protrusion between the two! Sorry for folks who picked Tsintaosaurus, that just had to be done XD

The next Dino Dilemma's going to be random, and I assure you, this one's exciting...WHICH ONE WOULD WIN?! Tapejara...or Microraptor?

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