Hey there guys! Name's Hibrid, call me either, Hibri, Hibrid, Hybrid, Dragon, or HD, whichever, I don't particularly care for that matter XD Anyway, I'm a new editor here on this Wikia since probably a week ago, and since none's here (Why do I bother making this again?) I would like to say that I'm about to adopt this Wikia, if that's fine with the lot of you.

Anyway, on to the main topic here: I'm on a dilemma regarding choosing a Dinosaur for my character. The two attributes I loved the most are Water and Wind, coupled with the fact that I love raptor-looking dinosaurs, small and fast, along with Sauropods, mighty long-necked and long-tailed. Both are inside their respective attribute; Water and Wind, and I've done quite the research on my own, and here are the two main Dinosaurs I've been thinking about: Cetiosaurus and Megaraptor. I just loveeeeeee both Dinosaurs though I can't decide which. Please help :)

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