Tyra is Samuel's Tyrannosaurus Rex and partner in PR: Dinoking. His bond was so strong because Samuel's climax bond is even further than his creation. His origin was Samuel's drawing that Dino Scanner scans his drawing where he drew a red Tyrannosaurus with scorching flames. His evolution was Blast Tyrannosaurus and fusion with Myotisaurus into Emperor Tyrannosaurus.


He is first appeared in episode 1 while Samuel draws the tyrannosaurus rex with red flames as a legendary Fire Tyranno. Samuel's and his creation's friendship as bonds was strong than vicious. Tyra used his signature move called Flame Burst to beat Crystosaurus.


List of his attacks are fire. WIth secondary attacks used by Dinogem to activated.


  • Flame Burst (signature move)
  • Fire Tyrannobomb (Fire Tyrabomb in dub)
  • Flaming Wall
  • Blazing Smash (Tyranno Slash in dub)
  • Scarlet Tornado

​Dual Attack (when used two Dinogems)Edit

  • Scarlet Flame Burst (with Scarlet Tornado)
  • Tyranno Heal (with Nature Dinogem)
  • Scarlet Hurricane (with Wind Dinogem)


  • Tyranno Hell (Tyra Eruption in dub)
  • Tyra Fang

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