Thorn Whip is a Grass Move Card. It was Dicky's first Move Card.

Statisctics Edit

Attribute: Grass

Sign: Scissors

Owner: Zoe

Used by: Dicky

Used to defeat: Beta Pack (ep 1), Sister (ep 2, ep 7), George (ep 3), Ryne (ep 4), Deinonychus Trio (ep 5), Zeph (ep 7)

Effect: A thorny vine shoots up out of the ground, whirls around, and smacks your opponent!

Anime Edit

Its Tablet was found beside Dicky's fossil in their fossil rock. Only about halfway through episode 1 Reese realized it was a Move Card, but in fossil form. It was first used to scare away the Beta Pack. In the next episode, Dicky used it to defeat Sister (but the Beta Pack claimed him) One episode afterwards, she used it to defeat Sister and claim George. In the next episode, it was used to defeat Ryne, but Mander claimed his card. In the next episode, it was used to corral the Deinonychus Trio together. Two episodes later, it was used to attack Zeph and Sister.

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