Sister is a Cistecephalus belonging to Mursula. She was Mursula's first creature.

History Edit

Her fossil, along with the Fire Stone and the Volcano Burst tablet ended up in a mine in Atlantis. After a torch fell on her fossils, she was activated. She was first used to battle Dicky in episode 2, but lost. She also battled Dicky in episode 3, and lost again. In episode 4, she was used to capture Ryne. The next episode, she tried to catch the Deinonychus Trio, but lost after a combination of 3 Super Moves. Two episodes later, she inadvertedly attacked Zeph, trying to hit the D-Team.

Moves Edit

Volcano Burst (DKFH) - It was found with Sister's fossil rock, and was first activated to fight Dicky in Atlantis.

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