Princess is a Dracorex. She was BOB's fifth creature.


Her card winded up in Montana. She activated during a lightning storm. She defeated Wide, Tommy, Chomp, Terry, Giga, and Crocs in succession, with the addition of the Velociraptor Trio alongside Terry. She was finally defeated by Gremlin. Her capture removed Wide from the team. She was later revealed to be an 18 on the Power Scale. Ten episodes later, she battled a Hyaenodon and won. The next episodes, she battled a Devincenzia and drew.

Move Cards

Electric Charge

The second copy of the card was in her Card Capsule, and was activated along with him.


She reveals that wild pachycephalosaurs, except for Pachy, are going to be Lightning creatures.

She was named after the Dracorex from BBC's Primeval.