Season: 1
Episode (in season): 2
Episode (overall): 2
Japanese title: ミッション・アクトの新しい恐竜! デイリー! (Mission Act's new Dinosaur! Direey!)
English title: Battle at the Saloon
Previous episode: Prehistory King episode 1
Next episode: Prehistory King episode 3

Summary Edit

Continued from te prevous episode, the children hear voices emanating from their Dino Holders. They think the voices are the voices of dinosaurs that are crying for help. When the childen arrive at the D-Lab, they till it to Dr. Spike Talyor, Max's dad, who thinks it fits in with his theory that the stones are the compressed form of the dinosaur's thoughts.

Meanwhile, at Zeta Point, Dr. Z is shouting crazily at the Alpha trio for their failure, whilst working on a new Move Card. However, the Move Card-making machine was very hastily put together, and exploded in front of Dr. Z's face.

Thousands of miles away, in the deserts of Arizona, a cowboy discovers a strange egg. He cracks the egg over a pan of hot oil, and a stone with a flame carving falls out. A strange card falls in the hot oil, and a real-life Dilophosaurus appears!

As Max and Rex are staying in his living room, Zoe calls, telling Max to turn on the news and see the Dilophosaurus in Arizona. Then the children notices their Dino Holders lighting up, showing a map of the southwestern United States with a flashing red dot on Arizona, exsactly where the dinosaur is!


Battles Edit

Max/Chomp vs. Ursula/TerryEdit



Max/Chomp win

New CardsEdit

  • Triceratops dinosaur card
  • Doctorzasaurus dinosaur card
  • Electric Charge move card





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