Episode 1: The Adventure Begins! Edit

Adam stretched his arms. He wanted to play outside in the yard. He jumped and cartwheeled and somersaulted on the green grass. Adam had so much fun and so much fertilizer on his head. He didn't notice that an egg case had fell on his head. It broke but at least the dinosaur card didn't activate. He read the dinosaur card. It said "Gondwanatitan". Adam then exclaimed," Wow! I have a Gondwanatitan card!"

Meanwhile...the Alpha Gang's water stone split into halves. They kept 1 half, but they dropped the other. The Alpha Gang was furious about the split water stone. Ursula was as angry as if 5 people said "Old Lady" 1,000,000,000 times. She was so angry that she yelled "Old Lady" into her ear, making her angrier. The Alpha Gang did not want someone else to use the stone. Adam then slid the Gondwanatitan card on the split Water Stone, activating the card. Adam named the chibi Gondwanatitan Gondy. "Hi Gondy!" he said. That's when the Alpha Gang arrived.

They sent out Terry and Spiny(they lost Tank). Adam got a deal: no battle for Tank. Then the Alpha Gang fled, having reclaimed Tank.

D-Team dinos: Gondwanatitan

Episode 2: Time Is A Styracosaurus Edit

Rex was flying in the Time Machine, landing in the wrong time. He landed to the year 2017. That is when Rex met Adam. Adam and Rex were talking to each other. Then Adam asked, "Do you know what is the Alpha Gang?" Rex replied, "Yes. They are..." and whispered, "people that take dinosaurs for a dinosaur kingdom." Adam whispered back, "OK. Why are we whispering?" Rex answered, "Because it is a secret." Adam said, "Oh, that's why!" Then a Styracosaurus started chasing them. Rex said, "Dino Slash! Carnotaurus, blow them away!" and used his stone to summon a Carnotaurus named Ace. Then Adam copied. "Dino Slash! Gondwanatitan!" and Gondy looked like a full grown Gondwanatitan. Then the Styracosaurus used Lightning Spear on Gondy. Gondy immediately turned into a card after the move. Rex said, "Cyclone!" and Ace had a tornado surrounding him. Then the Styracosaurus turned into a card. Adam then swiped Gondy's card, returning him to a chibi.

D-Team dinos: Gondwanatitan, Carnotaurus, Styracosaurus

Episode 3: The Former Members' Dinos Edit

Chomp wanted to get out. So did Paris. They were stuck in separate egg cases. Then a person yelled, "Bombs Away!" and threw Chomp and Paris. Chomp went to Alaska, and Paris went to Adam's backyard. Adam found Paris's card, and slipped on it. That is when Paris was activated.

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