Paleowars is the second of the PaleoTrilogy. It features Janice and Mariesii as the main antagonists.


After summer vacation, the Delta Squad returns to Paleocademy ... only to realize that something is wrong. The place is eerily abandoned, and it seems as though no one had touched it for years. Upon entering, the meet Janice and Mariesii, two girls who have mysterious plans. Who are they, and what could they possibly want?



  • Delta Squad (Max Taylor, Rex Owen, Zoe Drake, Sofia Plio, Katy Utah, Keely, Reya, Barry, Sarah Andersen)
  • Overseers (Seth Yamamoto, Amicagraphica K. Yamaichi, Kita Ieyasu)


  • Janice
  • Mariesii



  • Max: Triceratops (Chomp)
  • Rex: Carnotaurus (Ace)
  • Zoe: Parasaurolophus (Paris)
  • Sofia: Pachycephalosaurus (Drake)
  • Katy: altered Abelisaurus (Abelia)
  • Keely: Agilisaurus (Luikin)
  • Reya: Black Tyrannosaurus (Berte)
  • Seth: Apatosaurus (Apidae)
  • Amicagraphica: 2 Achillobator (Stella, Zane)
  • Kita: Katsuyamasaurus (Katsuya)
  • Barry: altered Segnosaurus (Sen)


  • Janice: Allosaurus (Allie)
  • Mariesii: Ankylosaurus (Annie)


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