Paleofuture is the last of the PaleoTrilogy series.


It is the Delta Squad's last year at Paleocademy, and Seth has proposed to Amicagraphica! Everything seems perfect. That is, it seems. Mikhail Stromenburg, Amica's enemy in Paleocademy, has returned with Dr. Z on his side. Dr. Z is prepared to avenge his defeat several years back, while Rod and Laura are torn between their love for their grandfather and their friendship with the D-Team.

Although Amica doesn't really want to hurt Mikhail due to his relationship with her sister, it's discovered that something else is driving Mikhail into doing what he does . . .


Delta Squad, Seth Yamamoto, Amicagraphica K. Yamaichi, Kita Ieyasu, Barry
Mikhail Stromenburg, Alpha Gang (sans Rod, Laura, Helga)
Rod, Laura, Helga


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