Naruto King is a crossover anime that features the dinosaurs of Dinosaur King. The plot of the story is basically the same as the original anime, but shows the lives the ninjas trying to coexist with dinosaurs. Above it all the crossover has a same concept to Dinosaur King.


Naruto King

What happens if the characters in Naruto were paired with dinosaurs? Read this to find out!

About SeriesEdit

Sometime before the events of Naruto an a strange pheomena occured from out in the sky, coming from the sky were over a million dinosaur cards came floating down to the ground. The numerous amount of cards landed in parts of world in all the Ninja nations, shortly after the cards activated to each said attribute it was endore with, therefore unleashing over 800 species of dinosaurs across the map, till this moment the dinosaurs once agained ruled the earth and a whole new adventure was about to begin.


Jiraiya and Tarbo

A picture with Jiraiya and Tarbo

Dino Characters Edit

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