Wind is blowing in a dirt field in Canada. As it blows dirt away, a Card Capsule is uncovered. The gusts blow the capsule into a rock, activating a strange spider-like animal. Screeching in the light, it runs underneath a nearby shack.  Meanwhile, at Area Fifty-Something, Dr. Cockroach has just finished watching something made by Impossible Pictures, when the Dino Holders go off. He presses a button opening a shaft underneath his feet, allowing him to land in his chair. Then the others come in. “What? How?” “Where is it?” “Canada.”  They then all transported. But when they got there, they couldn’t find anything. They kept looking all the way until sundown. As soon as the light was gone, a creature jumped out from underneath a nearby shack. “What is that?” “Well, before the creature activated, I was watching something called Primeval, and it appeared in the episode I watched. And before that, I was skimming through that field guide the Christian Morphers released, and I saw it in there. They called it Dampcola Arachnidus, or the Carboniferous Arachnid.”  “Monster Slash! Burn them to a crisp, Inostrancevia!” Panther's summoning sequence plays. “Panther, attack!” Suddenly, as Panther rams the Arachnid, it disappears and then reappears, attacking Panther. “Dino Illusion!” Then, it screeches, and charges forward. It begins to run very fast and hits Panther multiple times. “Mayfly!” It then uses Cyclone. To finish, it begins to use Air-Raid Storm.  “Nice try. Crimson Flame!” Panther breathed the flames, creating a fire tornado. The Arachnid screeches in defiance, but some of the fire goes into its mouth. The tornado breaks, and Panther lands on his feet. The Arachnid, however, crashed down, turning back into a card, defeated. Susan picked up the cards, and gave them to Insecto, who (In Insectosaurusese) named it Spider. “Fitting.” They then headed back, where Dr. Cockroach determined that Spider was an 18 on the Power Scale, to their surprise.

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