Wind is blowing in a dirt field outside London. As it blows dirt away, a Card Capsule is uncovered. The gusts blow the capsule into a rock, breaking it open. A light blue-white light appears, with the cards activating into a Coelurosauravus, which flies away. Meanwhile, at Area Fifty-Something, Team Monster has just finished watching a nature documentary about the Permian, when the Holders go off. They rush to the lab. “Where is it this time?” “Just outside London.” “That’ll be bad if it’s a big one.” Susan remarked. “Especially a carnivore.” “That’ll definitely be bad.” They then transported. Soon after getting there, Insecto saw something in the ground. “The Wind Stone!” “Well, I guess Insecto gets it.” They saw some kids around a strange looking lizard. After one of the kids poked it, the lizard screeched. They backed up, and left. “Coelurosauravus! Susan!” “On it! Monster Slash! Burn them to a crisp, Inostrancevia!” Panther’s summoning sequence plays. The Coelurosauravus screeches, and begins to use a Move Card. A twister forms around it, and it slams into Panther. “Cyclone!” then, a ball of wind forms inside the Coelurosauravus’ mouth, which it fires at him. “Sonic Blast!” The Coelurosauravus then grabs onto Panther’s back, before jumping in the air, and beginning to spin, creating a tornado. “It’s using the second strongest Wind Super Move, Air-Raid Storm!” “Not for long. Crimson Flame!” Panther breathed flames, which were sucked up by the Air-Raid Storm, creating a fire tornado. The tornado then broke, with Panther landing on his feet a few feet away, while the Coelurosauravus crashed into the ground, turning back into a card, defeated. Susan picked up the cards, and gave it to Insecto. “What are you going to name it?” Insecto roared. “Rex.” Link translated. “Nice name.” They then headed back, where Dr. Cockroach determined that Rex was a 7 on the Power Scale.

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