In the Phillipines, a Giganotosaurus activates when the Card Capsule falls in a campfire. The Giganotosaur runs off. Meanwhile, at Area Fifty-Something, Link comes into the kitchen. He looks around, then tip-toes to a box containing a single Halo orange. He picks it up. Suddenly, he hears a sound, followed by growling. He sees Susan with a laser pointer and the chibi Ensa. "Put it down." Link looks scared. A few minutes later, Dr. Cockroach is watching the first episode of Chased by Dinosaurs when the Dino Holders go off. He slides down the chute to his lab. When the others get there, Link opens his mouth to ask his traditional "Where is it?", but Dr. Cockroach cuts him off. "Link, did you try to take the last Halo again? We've discussed this." Link just grinned sheepishly. "Where is it?" "On an island in the Phillipines." They then transport. When they get there, the smaller ones are immediately trampled by a fleeing crowd. "This is just not my day." "And whose fault is that?" "How about his?" "It's a Giganotosaurus! BOB!" "Monster Slash! Bring in the thunder, Columbian Mammoth!" Marven's summoning sequence plays. "Blitz Counter!" It's a hit. Giganotosaurus rams Marven. "Lightning Ax!" It's a hit. Marven hits again with Lightning Ax. "Thunder Bazooka!" It's a hit. Marven hits again with Thunder Bazooka. He hits with Lightning Ax. The Giganotosaurus uses a Move Card. An ostrich like dinosaur comes out from behind it and pecks Marven rapidly. "Gallimimus! It just used Rush Galli!" The Giganotosaurus rams Marven. BOB's Dino Holder begins beeping. "Not good!" Marven hits with Lightning Ax. Giganotosaurus rams Marven, defeating him. "Monster Slash! Bring in the thunder, Torosaurus!" Wide's summoning sequence plays. "Lightning Strike!" It's a hit. Wide hits again with Lightning Strike. The Giganotosaurus rams Wide. It bites his neck and throws him. Wide hits with Lightning Strike. The Gallimimus attacks Wide. Wide hits with Lightning Strike. Giganotosaurus rams Wide. It bites his neck and throws him. Wide hits with Lightning Strike. He rams Giganotosaurus and Gallimimus, defeating both. However, the Rush Galli card blows away, although Susan is able to grab the Giganotosaurus' card. She names the Giganotosaurus Giga. After she puts Giga's card into the Holder, Sail was sent into storage. They then go home, where Dr. Cockroach determines Giga to be an 11 on the Power Scale. A tally sequence. "Now that we've got a Giganotosaurus, we've got a total of 47 creatures."