In Peru, a Diictodon is activated when a group of playing kids kicks the Card Capsule. The Diictodon runs off. Meanwhile, at Area Fifty-Something, Ensa is furiously chasing something on the ground. It's a little red dot. Susan has a laser pointer, and is trying to hold in her laughter as Ensa chases the dot. The Dino Holders go off. She turns off the laser pointer and walks to the lab. When she gets there, Link asks his traditional "Where is it?" "Peru." They then transport. When they get there, they look around for the creature. "Doc?" After hitting himself on the head in frustration, he turns around. "What is it?" "It's a Diictodon. Susan!" "Monster Slash! Burn them to a crisp. Dimetrodon!" Sail's summoning sequence plays. "Magma Blaster!" It's a hit. He hits two more times with Magma Blaster. The Diictodon hits twice with Crystal Break. They clash heads, defeating each other. Susan picks up the cards, and gives them to Dr. Cockroach, who names it Sid, after an individual on Primeval. After he puts Sid's cards into the Dino Holder, Millipede is sent into storage. They then go home, where Dr. Cockroach determines Sid to be an 18 on the Power Scale. A tally sequence. "Now that we've got a Diictodon, we've got a total of 46 creatures."

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