On Sumatra, a windy day activates an Euparkeria. The small lizard runs off. Meanwhile, at Area Fifty Something, Dr. Cockroach is watching Walking with Monsters when the Dino Holders go off. He slides down the chute to his lab. When the others get there, Link asks his traditional “Where is it?” “Sumatra.” “Ooh, I’ve always wanted to go there.” “We’re not going to sightsee.” “No, but we can do it afterwards. They do that in episode 2.” “You got me.” They then transport. When they get there, Susan catches some movement out of the corner of her eye. “It’s an Euparkeria! BOB!” “Monster Slash! Bring in the thunder, Columbian Mammoth!” Marven’s summoning sequence plays. “Blitz Counter!” It’s a hit. The Euparkeria rams Marven. “Lightning Ax!” It’s a hit. Marven hits again with Lightning Ax. He rams Euparkeria. He tosses it with his tusks. “Thunder Bazooka!” It’s a hit. Marven hits again with Thunder Bazooka. The Euparkeria hits with Air-Raid Storm. Marven hits with Lightning Ax. Euparkeria hits with Air-Raid Storm. It rams Marven. It hits with Air-Raid Storm. BOB’s Dino Holder starts beeping. “Not good! Lightning Ax!” It’s a hit. Euparkeria rams Marven, defeating him. “I lost. Susan!” “Monster Slash! Burn them to a crisp, Eotyrannus!” Evan’s summoning sequence plays. They clash heads twice. Euparkeria hits four times with Air-Raid Storm. They clash heads. Euparkeria hits with Air-Raid Storm. Susan’s Dino Holder starts beeping. “Not good! Evan! Take it out now, while you still can!” They clash heads, defeating both. Susan picks up the cards and gives them to Insecto, who names it Emmet. When Insecto puts Emmet’s cards into his Dino Holder, Nathan was sent into storage. After a week of sightseeing, they then go home, where Dr. Cockroach determines Emmet to be a 5 on the Power Scale. A tally sequence. “Now we’ve got an Euparkeria, we’ve got a total of 36 creatures.”

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