In Japan, an Entelodon activates when the card falls into a campfire. The pig runs off. Meanwhile, at Area Fifty-Something, Dr. Cockroach is watching Walking with Beasts when the Dino Holders go off. He slides down the chute to his lab. When the others get there, Link asks his traditional “Where is it?” “Japan.” They then transport. When they get there, they immediately see a trail. “I can’t tell whether this has been bitten or trampled.” “Or both.”  “That’s not an issue.” For once, it wasn’t behind Dr. Cockroach. “What is that, Pigzilla?” “It’s an Entelodon!” “Or Pigzilla.” “Be glad you’re the taller one. BOB!” “Monster Slash! Bring in the thunder, Columbian Mammoth!” Marven’s summoning sequence plays. “Blitz Counter!” It’s a hit. The Entelodon rammed Marven. “Lightning Ax!” As the attack was heading for Entelodon, it used a Move Card. A medium sized dinosaur came out and began to run circles around it, forming a circle, but it is stopped by the Lightning Ax. “Cryolophosaurus! Judging how by it was stopped by the Lightning Ax, I’d say Light Recovery!” They repeat the clash. Marven rams the Entelodon. He picks it up under his tusks and throws it. “Thunder Bazooka!” It’s a hit. He hits again with Thunder Bazooka. They clash Lightning Ax vs Light Recovery, with Lightning Ax breaking through. Entelodon rams Marven. BOB’s Dino Holder starts beeping. ‘Not good!” They clash Lightning Ax vs Light Recovery, with Lightning Ax breaking through. Entelodon rams Marven, defeating him. ”I lost. Susan!” “Monster Slash! Burn them to a crisp, Ornitholinguasilex!” Bird’s summoning sequence plays. The Cryolophosaurus heals Entelodon twice. Bird rams it. He shoots out his tongue, picks it up by the neck and throws it. Cryolophosaurus heals it. Entelodon rams Bird. “Heat Eruption!” it’s a hit. Cryolophosaurus heals Entelodon. It rams Bird. It bites his neck and throws him. He rams Entelodon. He picks its neck up with his tongue and throws it. Entelodon rams Bird. Bird rams Entelodon, defeating it. Because its user was defeated, Cryolophosaurus turns back into a card. Susan picks up the cards. She wanted to name Entelodon Pigzilla, but the other wouldn’t have it, so she conceded to just Pig. She named the Cryolophosaurus Crystal. When she put their cards into the Dino Holder, Bird was sent into storage. They then go home, where Dr. Cockroach determines Pig to be a 5 on the Power Scale, and Crystal a 7. A tally sequence. “Now that we’ve got an Entelodon and the Light Recovery Move Card, we’ve got a total of 35 creatures.”


This is the first episode in which the team actually obtains the Move Card Creature.

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