In the subway system under Modesto, dirt falls on a card and activates an Ankylosaurus.  More dirt falls on top of the sleeping dinosaur. In the morning, some workers find the Ankylosaurus and wake it up. Meanwhile, at Area Fifty-Something, Dr. Cockroach is watching Walking with Dinosaurs when the Dino Holders go off. He slides down the chute to the lab. When he gets there, Link asks his traditional “Where is it?” “The subway systems under Modesto.” “hrmm.” “Hey, at least it’s not in the middle of the city during rush hour.” They then transport. When they get there, they see a hole. “What do you think happened?” “It came up to the surface, couldn’t take the noise, and went back down.” “You sure you’re a doctor and not a detective?” “You see the same scenario in episode 9.” “Should’ve known.” “Let’s just go down.” They do so. “OK, it’s gonna want a quiet area, so look in the quietest spot you can find.” “Doc?” “It’s right behind me again, isn’t it?” “Turn around.” He does so. “It’s an Ankylosaurus.” He whispered. “Sleeping.” “That won’t last long.” Suddenly, a train roars by, waking the dinosaur. It starts smashing everything within sight. “Boy, do I detest being right all the time.” “You’re never right, Link.” “That is not true.” “We should restrain it before it destroys anything else.” “Good idea. Monster Slash! Burn them to a crisp, Thylacosmilus!” Thylaco's summoning sequence plays. The Ankylosaurus turns around, roars, and dives into the ground. Purple energy starts heading towards Thylaco. “It’s using Mole Attack!” “Magma Blaster!” The blast is able to stop the Ankylosaurus in its tracks. It comes out of the ground. It rams Thylaco. It then bites his neck and throws him. Thylaco rams the Ankylosaurus. He then bites its neck and throws it. They clash Magma Blaster vs Mole Attack. Thylaco rams the Ankylosaurus. “Heat Eruption!” It’s a hit. They clash Magma Blaster vs Mole Attack. Thylaco rams the Ankylosaurus. He bites its neck and throws it. He runs up and slams his paw into its stomach twice. Ankylosaurus rams Thylaco. He rams it. The Ankylosaurus rams Thylaco. Susan’s Dino Holder starts beeping. “Not good! Thylaco! Take it out now, while you still can!” He rams it. “Crimson Flame!” It’s a hit. Thylaco rams the Ankylosaurus. He hits with Heat Eruption. He rams it, defeating it. Susan picks up the cards and gives them to Dr. Cockroach, who names it Club. After he puts Club’s cards into his Dino Holder, Whippy was sent into storage. They then go home, where Dr. Cockroach determines Club to be a 13 on the Power Scale. A tally sequence. “Now we’ve got an Ankylosaurus, so we’ve got a total of 32 creatures.”

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