“Man, this lightning storm is the worst I’ve ever seen.” Suddenly, a lightning bolt shot down and hit a Card Capsule, activating a Columbian Mammoth. “Ahh! What is that?” The Mammoth roared. Meanwhile, at Area Fifty-Something, Team Monster is watching the news. “Our worst nightmare in one sentence…” Susan began. “Mammoth on the interstate!” Link finished. They then head to the lab and transport.  When they get there, they strangely can’t find the Mammoth. “Car!” Susan catches the car right before it hits them and throws it back. “Found the Mammoth!” “Yeah we did. Monster Slash! Burn them to a crisp, Thylacosmilus!” Thylaco’s summoning sequence plays. The Mammoth uses a Move Card. It roars, and a bolt of lightning shoots down and hits Thylaco. “Blitz Counter!” “Magma Blaster!” As he had recently begun doing, Thylaco stomps on the ground with his paw as he was firing the blast. It’s a hit. The Mammoth uses another Move Card. A curved blade made out of electricity forms on its tusks, and it charges into Thylaco. “Lightning Ax!” It hits again with Lightning Ax. The Mammoth charges forward, jumps in the air, spins, generating electricity, and slams into Thylaco. “Thunder Bazooka!” It hits again with Thunder Bazooka. It hits with Lightning Ax. Thylaco hits with Magma Blaster. “Heat Eruption!” It’s a hit. The Mammoth hits with Lightning Ax. Thylaco hits with Magma Blaster, defeating it. Susan picks up the cards and gives them to BOB, who explains that he had watched Prehistoric Park the other day. He named the Mammoth Marven, after Nigel Marven. They then went home, where Dr. Cockroach determines Marven to be a 2 on the Power Scale. A tally sequence. “Now we’ve got a Columbian Mammoth, so we’ve got a total of 30 creatures.”


This episode holds another reference to the British BBC/ITV series Primeval, in that a Columbian Mammoth appears on a major road.

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