In Gabon, a forest fire activates an Eotyrannus, which roars. Meanwhile, at Area Fifty-Something, Susan is playing Call-Ensa-Kitty again. The Dino Holders go off. Recalling Ensa, she walks to the lab. “Where is it?” Link asks. “Gabon.” They then transport. When they get there, they see a bunch of firefighters (who have just put out the forest fire) fleeing. Then a medium-sized tyrannosaur appears. “It’s an Eotyrannus! Susan!” “Monster Slash! Burn them to a crisp, Smilodon!” Ensa’s summoning sequence plays. “Get ‘em, kitty!” “Don’t call me kitty.” “Alright, kitty. Magma Blaster!” It’s a hit. Ensa then rams the Eotyrannus. She then bites its neck and throws it. The Eotyrannus uses a Move Card. A pterosaur flies out and strikes Ensa. “Tapejara! It has Tapejara Dive!” The Tapejara strikes Ensa again. The Eotyrannus then rams her. Ensa hits twice with Magma Blaster. The Eotyrannus then rams her. Ensa rams the Eotyrannus. It rams her, then bites her neck and throws her. The Eotyrannus then runs up and slams its head into Ensa, but before it can repeat it, Ensa kicks it, then rams it. The Tapejara strikes Ensa. The Eotyrannus rams her, then bites her neck and throws her. Ensa then rams it, defeating it. Because its user was defeated, the Tapejara turns back into a card. Before they can grab the card, the card blows away. Susan picks up the Eotyrannus card and names it Evan. She recalls Ensa and puts her card into the Holder.  When she puts Evan’s card in, Ensa was sent into storage. They then went home, where Dr. Cockroach determined Evan to be a 5 on the Power Scale.

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