In Argentina, an unusually hot day is happening. A man kicks a Card Capsule in anger, and the heat activates a strange bird. Meanwhile, at Area Fifty-Something, Dr. Cockroach is reading Shadow of the Jaguar. He finishes it right before the Dino Holders go off. He presses the button and slides down to his lab. “Where is it?” “Argentina.” They then transport. When they get there, there’s a flash. Susan lunges forward and grabs an object shooting towards Link. It’s… a tongue. “Wha-?” Then she saw the creature.  “What is it?” “I was reading the first Primeval Older Novel, and it’s in it. Before that, I saw it in the field guide. The Christian Morphers called it Ornitholinguasilex Incanus.” “Gesundheit.” “Just battle it.” Susan flipped the tongue, then summoned Gusano. The creature landed on its feet. “Volcano Burst!” It’s a hit.”Magma Blaster!”Another hit. Gusano charged up and rammed the bird. He then followed up with Magma Blaster. It used Heat Eruption. Gusano charged up and rammed the bird, then bit its neck and threw it. He hit with Magma Blaster. He then rammed the bird again. He bit its neck and threw it. He then charged up and slammed his head into his stomach. The bird used Heat Eruption. Gusano rammed it again, defeating it. Susan picked up the cards and named it Bird. She recalled Gusano and put him back into the Holder. When she put Bird’s cards into the Dino Holder, Gusano was sent into storage. They went home, where Dr. Cockroach determined Bird to be a 10 on the Power Scale.

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