“Mr. President, sir?” “Yes, what is it Margaret?” “We found an egg outside.” “Crack it open in the fire and make an omelet. It’s almost my lunchtime.” When Margaret cracked open the egg to make the omelet, two cards fell out, activating into a large worm. The two fled immediately. Meanwhile, at Area Fifty-Something, Team Monster was already transporting. When they got there, they saw that the worm had generated a strange foul-smelling fog. “What is it?” “I saw it in both Primeval and the field guide. The Christian Morphers called it Vermis Precambrius, or the Precambrian Worm. Susan!” “Monster Slash! Burn them to a crisp, Inostrancevia!” Panther’s summoning sequence plays. “Crimson Flame!” The Move was a direct hit, but the worm shook it off like it was nothing. It fired a beam of fire and lava at Panther, scoring a direct hit. “Magma Blaster!” The worm charged up and rammed Panther. Before he could get up, it bit his back and threw him into the wall. It hit him twice with Magma Blaster. Susan’s Dino Holder began beeping, but before she could do anything, Panther was defeated by a ram. “Not done yet! Monster Slash! Burn them to a crisp, Arthropleura!” Arthro’s summoning sequence plays. Arthro was immediately hit with a Magma Blaster. It rammed Arthro, before biting his back and throwing him. It hit him again with Magma Blaster. It rammed him. “Heat Eruption!” It’s a direct hit, but the worm just shook it off. It fired another Magma Blaster. It rammed Arthro, then bit his back and threw him, then moved up and headbutted his stomach 5 times. Susan’s Dino Holder began to beep again. Taking action, she had Arthro use Heat Eruption, but it still didn’t do much, if any damage. The worm rammed him, defeating him. “I lost. Your turn, Link!” “Monster Slash! Wash them away, Latimeria!” Lati’s summoning sequence plays. Lati is immediately hit with a Magma Blaster. It rams him, then bites his back and throws him into the wall. Link’s Dino Holder begins beeping. “Tragedy of the Sphere!” Lati fired the attack straight into the worm’s mouth. Accidentally swallowing the attack, the worm was defeated. Link picked up the cards and gave them to Susan, who named the Worm Gusano, for the Spanish word for Worm. They went home, comically leaving President Hathaway with a demolished office, where Dr. Cockroach determined Gusano to be a 26 on the Power Scale, the highest it would go, explaining his power.

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