In Iceland, a windy day activates a Nuthetes, which runs off. Meanwhile, at Area Fifty-Something, Dr. Cockroach is looking at a database of all the cards they’ve collected so far. “Wow, 20 cards. Wonder what’s next.” Right as he says this, the Dino Holders go off. “Well, looks like I’ll find out.” Already in his lab, he simply waits for the others. When they get there, Link asks “Where is it?” “Iceland.” They all shoot offscreen and come back in parkas. They then transport. When they get there, they are met by a lot of small native wildlife fleeing from a small raptor. “It’s a Nuthetes! Susan!” “Monster Slash! Burn them to a crisp, Smilodon!” Ensa’s summoning sequence plays. “Get ‘em, kitty!” “Don’t call me kitty.” “Alright, kitty.”  The Nuthetes used Ninja Attack. It then followed up with Tornado Toss. It continued with Hurricane Beat. It finished with Sonic Blast. “Magma Blaster!” The blast defeated the Nuthetes. Susan picked up the cards and gave them to Insecto, who named the Nuthetes Nathan. When Insecto put the cards in, Worm was sent into storage. They then went home, where Dr. Cockroach determined Nathan to be a 12 on the Power Scale.

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