In Brazil, a windy day activates a Repenomamus. Meanwhile, at Area Fifty-Something, Susan is playing Call-Ensa-Kitty again. The Dino Holders go off. She recalls Ensa, and walked to the lab. “Where is it?” “Brazil.” “You mean where we got Worm?” “No, a different part.” They then transported. When they got there, Susan heard growling at her feet. She looked down to see a small mammal looking up at her. “What is it?” “Repenomamus.” “Monster Slash! Burn them to a crisp, Smilodon!” A summoning sequence plays, showing the chibi Ensa moving up the dark red background.  First one leg becomes an adult’s, then the other, then Ensa’s comically short tail, then her famous saber teeth, then her eyes, before the fully adult Ensa roared. “Get ‘em, kitty!” The Dino Holder lit up. “Don’t call me kitty.” “Alright, kitty.” The Repenomamus growled, then used Ninja Attack. It followed up with Mayfly. It then used Air-Raid Storm. It finished with Sonic Blast. “Magma Blaster!” The Move hit, defeating the Repenomamus instantly. Susan picked the cards up and gave them to Insecto, who named it Badger. When Badger’s cards were put into the Holder, Pidgeon was sent into storage. They then went home, where Dr. Cockroach determined Badger to be a 7 on the Power Scale.

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