Megumi Amaterasu is the a character, and the member of the D-Team. She owns Tori the Pachycephalosaurus . She is
voiced by Nakaya Sayaka in the original and a unknown character in the dub.


Meeting Max and the otherEdit


Megumi has Long, Pink hair and Pink eyes. She wears a pink shirt with black pants. And a Pink Shirt. And She also wears a Shirt. She also wear white socks with pink shoes.


Megumi is a Shy, And A Sweet girl. He loves dinosaurs, like his father, who is a paleontologist. She wather say home than wather go outside. She is really good at studying Especially drawing. She respects Ursula by calling her Charming


Main article: Tori

Megumi's dinosaur is Tori the Pachycephalosaurus, a Secret attributed dinosaur. Tori is the powerful member of the team. Tori, in his chibi form, is very playful and want to paly, Which Megumi does.


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