Max Taylor is the main character, and the leader of the D-Team. He owns Chomp the Triceratops. He is
Char 30921
voiced by Megumi Matsumoto in the original and Veronica Taylor in the dub.


Character DesignEdit

Max has pale skin, spiky brown hair and big round purple eyes. He wears a red short-sleeve T-shirt with a yellow collar and a black bag around his tummy decorated with a dinosaur tooth. He also wears orange jeans, red sneakers and red gloves with no fingers. Most distinctive of all, he wears a visor with a clear 'shade' and Triceratops horns that double up as flashlights.


Max is happy-go-lucky, much like his father, Spike Taylor. He loves dinosaurs, like his father, who is a paleontologist. 


Main article: Chomp

Max's dinosaur is Chomp (Gabu) the Triceratops. He and Chomp are very close and rarely ever lose. However, the amount of discipline Max has trained Chomp is debatable, as Chomp has run away several times.


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