Hybridosaurs (inspiration of Jurassic World) are a group of dinosaurs with mixed-up genes of 2-5 dinosaurs (e.g. Ultimasaurus [Tyrannosaurus+Triceratops+Velociraptor+Ankylosaurus+Stegosaurus]).

I focused on 1-2 elements in a Hybridosaur

Basic Hybridosaurs (1 element) Edit

  • Carnoraptor [Carnotaurus+Fukuiraptor]
  • Amargasuchus [Amargasaurus+Suchomimus]
  • Dilophoraptor [Dilophosaurus+Pyroraptor]
  • Coelonychus [Coelophysis+Deinonychus]
  • Ornithotaurus [Ornithoomimus+Carnotaurus]
  • Velocidromeus [Velociraptor+Deltadromeus]
  • Xenotarsovenator [Xenotarsosaurus+Australovenator]
  • Supertitan [Supersaurus+Giraffatitan]
  • Zupayraptor [Zupaysaurus+Bambiraptor

Intermediate Hybridosaurs (2 external elements) Edit

  • Indominus [Tyrannosaurus+Carcharodontosaurus+Allosaurus+Megalosaurus+Velociraptor] {Smoke}
  • Stegoceratops [Stegosaurus+Triceratops] {Crystal}
  • Ankylodocus [Ankylosaurus+Diplodocus] {Mud}
  • Giganotoraptor [Giganotosaurus+Utahraptor] {Smoke}
  • Spinoraptor [Spinosaurus+Megaraptor] {Cloud}
  • Pachyrhinolophus [Pachyrhinosaurus+Saurolophus] {Energy}
  • Dromaeolophus [Dromaeosaurus+Parasaurolophus] {Seed}
  • Einionyx [Einiosaurus+Baryonyx] {Storm}
  • Megalodontosaurus [Megalosaurus+Carcharodontosaurus] {Smoke}
  • Tyrannoraptor [Tyrannosaurus+Velociraptor] {Smoke}
  • Allotyrannus [Allosaurus+Tarbosaurus] {Smoke}
  • Tyrannoceratops [Tyrannosaurus+Triceratops] {Plasma}
  • Kentrotitan [Kentrosaurus+Cetiosaurus] {Mud}
  • Corythovenator [Corythosaurus+Afrovenator] {Seed}
  • Nodoceratops [Nodosaurus+Xenoceratops] {Crystal}

Advanced Hybridosaurs (2 elements {1 external, 1 internal}) Edit

  • Pachyceratops [Pachycephalosaurus+Pentaceratops] {Wire}
  • Ceratopteryx [Ceratosaurus+Archaeopteryx] {Snow}
  • Therizinoraptor [Therizinosaurus+Sinraptor] {Silver}
  • Brachionychus [Brachiosaurus+Nothronychus] {Mercury}
  • Gigantocephalus [Gigantoraptor+Euoplocephalus] {Tundra}
  • Gorgocheirus [Gorgosaurus+Deinocheirus] {Iron}
  • Styracocheirus [Styracosaurus+Deinocheirus] {Gold}
  • Pachysaurolophus [Pachycephalosaurus+Parasaurolophus] {Oasis}
  • Iguanodontosaurus [Iguanodon+Heterodontosaurus] {Oasis}
  • Compsopterus [Compsognathus+Zhejiangopterus] {Void}
  • Leptorex [Leptoceratops+Dracorex] {Wire}

Hyper Hybridosaurs (2 internal elements) Edit

  • Ovirhynchus [Oviraptor+Rhamphorhynchus] {Chill}

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