Chibi Lambo and Full-sized Lambeosaurus

Naruto King Statistics Edit

  • Name: Lambo
  • Element: Grass
  • First Seen in Episode: (4-)
  • Home: Hidden Leaf Village (Sakura's House)
  • Friends: Tarbo
  • First Activation: Sakura first activated it when she found its egg case laying on the ground and dropped it on the grass along with its move card.
  • Found in Place: Training Field in the Hidden Leaf Village.
  • Move Cards: Green Impluse, Twin Platoon Crush, Dino Force, Segno Slap, Stun Dash, Domori, Neck Crusher
  • Owner: Sakura
  • Species: Lambeosaurus lambei
  • Other Info: Lambo is a Lambeosaurus that is best friends with Tarbo and Sakura. Like her owner Sakura; lambo can be annoyned by Naruto and can't stand Ino sometimes she'll usually ignore the arguements that Sakura and Ino have, but some of the times she'll join the argument and then calm down. During the Chuin Exams, Lambo helped Sakura battle numorous competitors, but when they encountered Orochimaru, he was distracted by one of Orochimaru's snakes and couldn't help Sakura and Sasuke, later on during the Chunin Exams, Lambo along Tarbo standed in the sidelines next to Asuma, they closely learned new strageties when seeing their owners fight against another competitors.


Trivia Edit

  • When Sakura's out at school or getting groceries, Lambo would go meet her dino pals at the Hidden Leaf plains or the Hidden Leaf riverside.
  • In some episodes, Lambo gets very tense in missions.
  • While in full-size, Lambo heads outside of her home village to watch other species of Lambeosaurus.
  • In some occasions, Lambo trains herself

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