(Japanese) Night of the Living Dead Dinosaurs

(English) Trick or Dino


It is Halloween today for Max and the Gang are ready to dress up their costumes to go to trick or treat to get candy all over the houses and buildings. Max is a ninja, Rex is a pirate, Zoe is the princess, Rod is a superhero, Laura is a fairy, Ursula is a secret agent, Zander is a devil, Ed is a trucker, Dr. Z is a wizard, Reese is a teacher, Chomp is a dog, Ace is a monster, Paris is a pluto, Terry is a dragon, Spiny is a chicken, Tank is a armadilo, Dr Taylor is a werewolf and Aki is a Bee. Everyone are ready for their trick or treat adventure to get lots of candy then went to the time machine to get candy jonathan appears is a painter, Dr. Ancient is a frankenstein, Dr. Cretacia is a witch and Helga is a queen of hearts. Jonathan then gives them candy thanking jonathan for giving them candy. They later went to Zoe's House to get more candy. Dr. Drake then gives them more candy, they later when to see Dr. Owen to get more candy. Later the D-Team and the Alpha Gang decided to take break in the fast food restaurant to eat candy. Rex then tells everyone how much fun their having in halloween. Later they went to the graveyard to get more candy and they spotted a house that looks old and abandoned. Max decided to go there and press the door bell but no answer suddenly a voice appear in the house which turns out to be a trap was the Space Pirates. Spectre then tells them to hand over the Elemental Crystals but then they'll never give it them so the space pirates took it by force and summoning their dinosaurs to attack and the D-Team and the Alpha Gang summon their dinosaurs to fight. Just as the battle started the D-Team and the Alpha Gang use their element booster to armor up their dinosaurs when battle keeps on going goma appears in front of Max, he then uses his sword to fire but max manage to dodge it then misfired on the cemetery. Suddenly a dark glowing magic appears all over the cemetery and brings the undead dinosaurs back to life. Everyone are shock to see this everyone then retreats to escape from the zombie dinosaurs they made out to the graveyard but then the space pirates are with them. The D-Team and the Alpha Gang are wondering what happened then max realized it was goma's sword that accidentally brings the undead dinosaurs back to life, if the zombie dinosaurs heads towards the town everyone will be zombies and the town will be destroyed. The D-Team, Alpha Gang and the Space Pirates will team up to stop the zombie dinosaurs and save halloween.



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