Hayden is a 13 year old who is a master of Kyoryu.Owning over 100 cards. He has blonde hair, gery/blue eyes and a bandage on his nose.


His main dinosaur is Mini King. Although he is usaully seen using Pachycephalosaurus, Spinosaurus and Sinraptor.

First AppearanceEdit

He was found in england when a dinosaur was spotted. When the D-team arrived the dinosaur was identified as a chibi who then ran to Hayden. Who then introduced himself, Zoe asked "Is that your dinosaur?" he then replied "Yes his name is Mini King" Rex then said "He kinda looks like a blue version of chomp" then Max replied saying "yeh he does, what kind of dinosaur is he anyway?" Hayden then swiped his card in to large form and the D-team were suprised at the fact he did not change and just increased in size.

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