Giga is a Giganotosaurus. He was Susan's twelfth creature, and her eleventh regular creature.


His card winded up in the Phillipines. He activated when the Card Capsule fell into a campfire. He battled Marven, and won. He battled Wide and lost. He was later revealed to be an 11 on the Power Scale. The next episode, he battled in a battle royale, but was defeated. The next episode, he battled a Future Fungus, but lost. Seven episodes later, he battled a Dracorex, but lost. Four episodes later, he battled a Stegosaurus and lost. Six episodes later, he was removed from the team by Hyena's capture.

Move Cards

Rush Galli

The Rush Galli card was in his Card Capsule, and was activated along with him. After his defeat, the card blew away, so he lost the ability to use this move.


He is the third creature to be left without a Move Card after his capture.

Of these, he is the only one who didn't summon a Tapejara.

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