Eustrepto is an interactive and rather intelligent Eustreptospondylus. He is one of the many prehistoric residents who co-exists with the Naruto characters. He secretly has a crush on his owner Ino Yamanaka.

エウストレプト (Eusutoreputo)
Dinosaur Statistics
Name Eustrepto
エウストレプト (Eusutoreputo)
Gender Male
Species Eustreptospodylus
Attribute Wind
Owner Ino (Former)
Move Cards Biting Wind (Razor Wind) Kangerou,
Series Naruto King, Naruto King Shippuden
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Eustrepto (like most dinosaurs from the Dinosaur King Universe) has a variety of colors. From the upper body he is a plum wine color with darker plum stripes running from head to tail with stripes on his legs and arms, he also as small yucca colored polka dots on running from his head all the way to his tail. His coloration also consits of giant aegean blue stripes running from the sides of his body (with expection the color running towards the head). Eustrepto also has a spilstream color running from his legs, arms and underbelly. When he is in his smaller form only the plum, blue and splistream colors are visible. He is considered the master of disguise as he has a collection of costumes and trinkets.


Eustrepto is not one of your typical individuals, as a result to living with humans in an everyday life, he gained many human-like traits, with great intellect, and acts as somewhat of a person himself. He is quite the theif and tends to wear a variety of costumes which are great when stealing something from villagers leaving them to wonder of his true identity as seen when Eustrepto stole a hoard of fish for a Baryonyx. In a manner Eustrepto sticks close to his friends and never lets any harm come to them. He also acts extremely wild compared to another particular character's nature, but in all this he oddly behaves a lot.

Secret CrushEdit