A New Adventure Begins is the first episode ever of the series The D-Team and the Eight Elements.

Information Edit

Series: The D-Team and the Eight Elements
Episode (in series): 1
Episode (overall): 1
Previous: N/A
Next: [[]]

Synopsis Edit

After vanquishing the Dark Pterosaur, the D-Team and the Alpha Gang head to the year 2127 AD to celebrate. But Dr. Z, as clumsy as he is, accidentaly scratches one of the Element Stones without noticing anything at all.

Suddenly, alarm bells are ringing all over the place. Jonathan warns everyone that the Backlander has malfunctioned and is moving out of control. Everyone was crying out in fear. Then suddenly, Max woke up.

Max checked the date. That's weird, it was September 8, 2007. Max could clearly remember that yesterday's date was April 10, 2127. Either that or he was having a horrible dream. Then he called his friends Rex and Zoe and his dad Spike to have a walk in the forest.

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