Dinosaur King - Fossil Hunters is a fanfiction where the D-Team, now reunited, are all over the present world, catching dinosaurs, monsters of the past, and possibly even from the future. However, the evil Beta Pack, led by their fearless leader, Z, M.D., wants to catch all the creatures. This is the greatest tale ever to be told. This is Dinosaur King - Fossil Hunters.

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DKFH episode 1: Sanjo City Dicynodont

DKFH episode 2: Atlantean Therapsid

DKFH episode 3: Himalayan Gorgonopsid

DKFH episode 4: Egyptian Temnospondyl

DKFH episode 5: Ninja Nightmare!

DKFH episode 6: Las Vegas Ornithopod

DKFH episode 7: Transylvanian Hypsilophodont



Z, M.D. - The leader of the Beta Pack. He likes dinosaurs and speculative evolution, so he wants to capture all of the strange creatures.

Mursula - A bossy young girl with an appetite for fashion. She hates being called an "old lady".

Mander - He is tall with some red devil's eye sunglasses. He often thinks seriously and funds the Beta Pack.

Med - A fattish guy who always like to eat or at least think about food. Although he's not usually smart, at least some of his thoughts are logical.

Together, the four form the Beta Pack, a group of former bank robbers knwon for their wacky and outlandish "disguises".


Dicky - a Diictodon that Zoe found near the D-Lab. As a herbivore, she wields Grass.

Sister - a Cistecephalus that was found near Atlantis. She is owned by Mursula. As a carnivore, she wields Fire.

George - a Gorgonops that was found in the Himalayas. He was sucesfully claimed by Rex. As a carnivore, he wields Fire.

Ryne - a Rhinesuchus that was found by Mander in Egypt. As an amphibian, he wields Water.

Deeno, Dano and Sue - three Deinonychus found in a resort in Japan. They are owned by Max. Known for their large toe claws, they wield Secret.

Tenna - a Tenontosaurus that was found in Las Vegas. She was claimed by Zoe. As an ornithopod, she wields Grass.

Zeph - a Zephyrosaurus that was found by Zoe in Transylvania, Romania. As an ornithopod, he wields Grass.

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