Fan Fiction Edit

All fan fiction is the property of its owner with the exception of canon move cards, dinosaurs, and characters (see: the Dinosaur King Wiki).

All fan fiction are to be in standard English, as this is the Fanon Wiki counterpart to the English Dinosaur King Wiki.

Editing Edit

NOBODY CAN ADD CHARACTERS, DINOSAURS, OR MOVE CARDS WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE OWNER. Furthermore, the only edits that can be made are technical edits, like Galleries, or doing grammar fixing.

Obscenity and Sex Scenes Edit

Definition of Obscenity,

Under the Terms of Use, any sort of obscenity used in fan fiction, images, or text is against the rules and will be deleted. That is, any sort of sex scene that is described, is not allowed. However, if you say, "They had sex at night," without adding any details of it, it is still allowed.

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