Series 1

Ninja Nightmare!

Dr. Z vs Deinonychus Trio

Dr. Z confronts his wild-running dinosaurs, in full ninja-master getup (just handed to him by ninja-disguised Jonathan), expecting them to regard him as their master, but they kick him to the ground and stomp on him.

Jumping back to his feet, he demands they respect and obey him, as he had taught them to when they were young. Dino punches him, and the trio stomp on him again.

Deinonychus Trio wins

Zander/Terry vs Deinonychus Trio

Zander summons Terry to rescue Dr. Z. Terry swings his tail, but the Deinonychus jump over it, and respond by jumping onto Terry and kicking him repeatedly. They jump off and hit him with their whip attack (it appears in the anime but not in the arcade or anywhere else). As soon as they land on the ground, they go right into their next strike and hit Terry with Spinning Attack, doing serious damage. Jumping back away, they seamlessly transition into their final strike, Crossing Attack, and defeat Terry.

Deinonychus Trio wins

D-Team vs Deinonychus Trio

The D-Team summon their respective dinosaurs, while the Deinonychus trio tries to run either to attack or escape. Paris uses Metal Wing to summon the Pteranodon trio, which fly around the Deinonychus, stopping their advance (or retreat, as the case may be), but doing no damage. Then Ace uses Ninja Attack, forcing the Deinonychus to gather close together, but doing minimal if any damage. Finally, Chomp attacks with Lightning Strike, and, with nowhere else to go thanks to the two previous attacks, the Deinonychus take a direct hit, and are defeated.

D-Team wins

Ruff and Ready

Alpha Gang vs D-Team/Iguanodon

Zander summons Terry to attack Iguano. Terry runs up and hits Iguano with his head, knocking him away. Iguano runs up and rams Terry in the stomach, knocking him away. Terry uses Volcano Burst, hitting Iguano. Zoe summons Paris. Terry charges toward Iguano. Paris uses Metal Wing, summoning the Pteranodon Trio, who chase Terry. Catching up just in time, they attack Terry. Iguano, out of energy, turns back into a card, defeated. The Pteranodon trio continues attacking Terry. Terry uses Tail Smash, defeating the Pteranodon. Max summons Chomp. Terry uses Volcano Burst again, but Chomp uses Thunder Bazooka, dodging the stream of fire and hitting Terry, defeating him.

D-Team wins!

Metal Imbalance

Max vs Ursula

Ursula summons Terry to attack the D-Team. Max summons Chomp. Chomp lures Terry to a more open area. Terry bites his tail and throws him into the wall. Chomp attempts to use Lightning Strike, but Seth uses Critical Block, summoning the Velociraptor, stopping the attack. Chomp charges Terry, and they grapple. Chomp breaks free and trips Terry. Chomp uses Electric Charge, fatally injuring Terry. Seth uses Terry’s low energy to defeat Chomp with Final Fury. Terry turns back into a card.


Dueling Dinos

Zander/Spiny vs Saurophaganax

While riding the Alpha Droids, the Alpha Gang spot the Saurophaganax. Having lost Terry and Tank, the team decides to use Spiny. Spiny charges, only to be knocked back. This is the same until Saurophaganax uses Magma Blaster, which defeats Spiny.

Saurophaganax wins

D-Team vs Laura/Tank and Rod/Terry vs Saurophaganax

Fooled by Rod and Laura, Max summons Chomp to fight Saurophaganax. They begin to duel western-style. Chomp turns around first. Chomp uses Lightning Strike, while Saurophaganax uses Magma Blaster. Chomp is hit, but withstands and fires the Lightning Strike. Saurophaganax dodges. The two then get into a head-pushing match. Saurophaganax breaks away and swings his tail, hitting Chomp across the face. Saurophaganax continues to hit across the face, until Chomp charges and rams him in the stomach, knocking it away. Rod and Laura then summon Terry and Tank, respectively. The two charge up and hit Saurophaganax from behind. Rex, Zoe, and HWMNBA then summon Ace, Paris, Dino, Dano, and Sue. They attempt to use Cyclone, Metal Wing, and Spinning Attack, but Rod has Terry use Critical Block, stopping the attacks. Terry then used Volcano Burst, defeating Saurophaganax.

Tank and Terry win

Mythical Mix Up

Rod/Terry vs Stegosaurus

Rod and Laura encounter Stegosaurus and Rod summons Terry. Stegosaurus swings its tail, but Terry jumps and dodges then knocks Stegosaurus over. He gets back up, but Terry bites his leg. Stegosaurus kicks Terry away, then shoots Spike Arrows at him. Terry runs ahead of the attack for a time, but is finally hit and collapses, defeated.

Stegosaurus wins

Helga/Max/Chomp vs Stegosaurus

Helga uses her soup ladle to keep Stegosaurus at bay, then Max summons Chomp, and Helga jumps on the Triceratops, making the people think she had summoned it for battle. Chomp attacks Stegosaurus, but it recovers and uses Spike Arrows. Helga jumps in the air and uses the soup ladle to hit away the flying crystal spikes. Then Chomp hits Stegosaurus with Thunder Bazooka, defeating it. Despite Max’s victory, Helga picks up the cards and gives them to Rod and Laura.

Chomp wins

Beast or Famine

D-Team vs Mapusaurus

The D-Team summon out their dinosaurs. However, they get distracted by food, nearly getting hit by Mapusaurus’ Fire Cannon.

No result

Rod/Laura vs Max

Rod and Laura summon Spiny and Tank while Max summons Chomp. Max and Chomp get so mad at the fact that Rod and Laura ate while he didn’t, causing Chomp to perform a super-powered Thunder Bazooka, defeating both Alpha Gang dinosaurs at once.

Chomp wins

D-Team vs Mapusaurus

Paris uses Metal Wing to weaken Mapusaurus, and Chomp uses Lightning Strike and defeats Mapusaurus.

Max wins

Seth vs Helga

Because Helga didn’t want Seth sending Rod and Laura off to capture dinosaurs, they face off in a nearby ship. After talking for a bit, Seth deactivates her with his lightning rod.

A Mesozoic Mess

Chomp vs Allosaurus

Allosaurus runs towards a building and is going to destroy it. But before it can do that, Chomp bites his tail. However, Allosaurus counterattacks by spinning and throwing Chomp at the building, using Mayfly to defeat Chomp.

Allosaurus wins

Spiny vs Allosaurus

Zander summons Spiny to “save” Rod and Laura (and foiling their plans as well). Allosaurus gets attacked by Spiny. But then Allosaurus uses Mayfly, weakening Spiny, then hits Spiny and defeats him.

Allosaurus wins

Rex/Ace vs Allosaurus

Ace lures Allosaurus to a historic bullfight ring using ham. Then Ace keeps running from Allosaurus and makes him tired, making Ace hungry for the ham and distracting him. Then Allosaurus uses Mayfly while Ace uses Ninja Attack. Ace beats Allosaurus with Ninja Attack.

Rex/Ace win

Lights, Camera, Destruction!

Rod/Terry vs Ace/Pentaceratops

Rod unleashes Terry and has use Tail Smash on him. Terry almost defeats him by Volcano Burst and Ace saves him using Cyclone. Due to all the wind, the female animatronic collapses. The Pentaceratops gets angry and hits him very hard to knock him through the ceiling.(although its unknown if Terry is defeated). Ace/Pentaceratops win

Rex/Ace & Max/Chomp vs Pentaceratops

Pentaceratops gets into a rage. To stop him, Max uses Lightning Strike in order to defeat Pentaceratops.

Planes, Trains, and Dinosaurs

Laura/ Spiny and Rod/Terry vs Ampelosaurus

Laura summons Spiny to allow Terry to jump into the train. However, after doing so, Spiny is exhausted to the point where he turns back into a card, and Terry is literally thrown off the train. Rod summons Terry, who attacks Ampelosaurus. Terry is about to use Volcano Burst when Ampelosaurus uses Aqua Vortex, which cancels out Volcano Burst and defeats Terry.

D-Team vs Ampelosaurus vs Seth/Tank

Chomp uses Electric Charge on Ampelosaurus then Seth summons Tank and uses Dino Swing and defeats Ampelosaurus.

Seth/Tank win

D-Team vs Seth/Tank

Dino, Dano, and Sue attack Tank with Spinning Attack, instantly defeating her.

Vaccination Vacation

D-Team vs Ursula/Ed

Ursula and Ed summon Spiny and Tank. Since Chomp, Ace, Dino, Dano, and Sue didn’t get their flu shot, they’re not winning the battle. So Paris uses Nature’s Blessing. They fight until Dr. Drake comes in.Max tells Dr. Drake to throw the needle at Tank. He throws the needle at Tank and she faints. Then Chomp and Ace defeat Spiny while Zoe leaves to get her house back home.

D-Team wins

A Kyoto Caper

Zander vs Rex/Fukuisaurus

Zander summons Spiny to chase Fukuisaurus. To stop Fukuisaurus, Spiny hits the wood floor with his tail and breaks it, causing it to be trapped. However, Ace shows up and stops Spiny, allowing Fukuisaurus to escape. Later, Spiny finds Fukuisaurus and attacks it, but Fukuisaurus uses Emerald Garden and defeats Spiny.

Ed/Tank vs Fukuisaurus

After the Fukuisaurus escapes Spiny, it duels Tank. Tank uses counter attack but Fukuisaurus dodges it. Then Tank uses Tail Smash. But before Tank can reach it, it uses Emerald Garden and defeats Tank.

Rod vs Fukuisaurus

After Spiny loses, Rod uses Ursula’s Alpha Scanner to summon Terry, who attacks Fukuisaurus. Tery beats Fukuisaurus with Volcano Burst while it’s using Emerald Garden.

Rod wins

Max/Rex vs Rod

After obtaining the Fukuisaurus card, Chomp and Ace fight Terry. Chomp finishes him with Thunder Bazooka.

Santa Saurus!

Rod/Laura vs Max/Rex/HWMNBA

Dino, Dano, and Sue cut off Rod and Laura’s escape. Rod and Laura summon Terry and Tank, while Max and Rex summon Chomp and Ace. Terry runs up and smashes Ace across the face with his tail, then Tank charges Chomp and knocks him into Ace, and Terry throws them both into a Christmas display, causing Chomp to come out with reindeer antlers and Ace to be dressed like Santa. Rex then has Ace use Mayfly and defeats Terry and Tank.

Max/Rex/HWMNBA win

Megalosaurus vs Max/Rex/HWMNBA

The A-Team comes running up with the Megalosaurus card, but the Christmas lights cause the card to activate. Megalosaurus’ appearance instantly sparks a Time Warp, and it charges forward, shattering small rocks in its way, and flips Chomp over onto Ace as it runs by. Suddenly, a meteor shower starts pelting the landscape (it isn’t clear if it’s a Move Card or simply the effect of Megalosaurus’ rage on a Time Warp), and everyone runs for cover. A meteor nearly hits Rod and Laura, but Dino, Dano, and Sue shield them, turning back into a card as a result. The Alpha Gang admit they have no control over the dinosaur. It then uses Zero G Throw on Ace, defeating him. Chomp hits Megalosaurus with Thunder Bazooka and kicks a sled from the Christmas display to knock the disoriented dinosaur off its feet, sending it crashing into a boulder, sending the shards flying into the Alpha Gang, which sends them flying. Exhausted, Megalosaurus returns to its card, defeated.

Max wins

Full Scheme Ahead

Ursula/Spiny vs Jonathan

Ursula summons Spiny. Jonathan kicks Spiny, then spins him around, leaving him unable to perform.

Jonathan wins

Dr.Z & Rod Vs Seth/Saurophaganax

Dr. Z summons Spiny while Rod summons Tank. Seth sends Saurophaganax out to attack them. They tie, but then Seth uses Fire Scorcher and Saurophaganax knocks them out.

Seth wins

D-Team vs Seth/Saurophaganax

The D-Team summon their respective dinosaurs, but Seth defeats them with Fire Scorcher before they can use Lightning Strike, Cyclone, Metal Wing, and Crossing Attack.

Seth wins

Tricks of the Traitor

Zander/Rod vs Seth

Zander summons Tank and Seth summons Saurophaganax. Saurophaganax then attacks Tank and Rod sends out Ampelosaurus, which attacks Saurophaganax and fuses off with Aqua Vortex. However, Saurophaganax survives and uses Fire Scorcher, knocking them out.

Saurophaganax wins

One Final Move

Dr.Z/D-Team vs Seth

Dr. Z summons Terry, while the D-Team summons their respective dinosaurs. Seth’s Black Tyrannosaurus is already on a rampage through the city. Chomp uses Lightning Spear and Terry uses Volcano Burst against Black T-Rex, but they have no effect. All seven of the dinosaurs fighting Black T-Rex are called back just before they are hit by a swing of its tail (which would probably have defeated them all anyway).

Black T-Rex wins

Max/Rex/Dr.Z. vs Seth

Seth summons Saurophaganax, but Terry, summoned by Dr. Z, sneak attacks Saurophaganax from the side. Then Seth used Fire Scorcher and defeats Terry in one shot, causing Max and Rex to call out Chomp and Ace. Thunder Bazooka and Cyclone used independently seem to have little effect, and Ace just barely dodges another Fire Scorcher attack. Then, under instruction by Dr. Z, Max and Rex (at first reluctant) slash the Move Cards at the same time to use the fusion move, Thunder Storm Bazooka (Thunder Bazooka + Cyclone), defeating Saurophaganax.

Max/Rex win

Dinosaur War!

Rex summons Ace, Allosaurus, Megaraptor, and Ceratosaurus. Zoe summons Paris, Fukuisaurus, and Maiasaura. Dr. Z summons Terry, Saurophaganax, and Daspletosaurus. Rod summons Spiny and Ampelosaurus. Laura summons Tank, Stegosaurus, and Euoplocephalus. The Black T-Rex kicks Megaraptor and Ceratosaurus away, then kicks Maiasaura. All three are defeated. Daspletosaurus attempts to use Fire Bomb, but it has no effect and the Black T-Rex knocks it away. After two uses of a Fusion Move of Ace’s Cyclone, Allosaurus’ Mayfly, Paris’ Nature’s Blessing, Fukuisaurus’ Emerald Garden, Terry’s Volcano Burst, Saurophaganax’s Magma Blaster, Spiny’s Shockwave, Ampelosaurus’ Aqua Vortex, Tank’s Earthquake, and Stegosaurus’ Spike Arrows aren’t enough, the Black T-Rex uses Fire Scorcher, but Jonathan shields Rex and prompts HWMNBA to use the Secret dinosaurs, which he does, summoning Pachycephalosaurus, Therizinosaurus, Dino, Dano, Sue, and Megalosaurus. They combine Laser Ray, Gyro Claw, Spinning Attack, and Zero G Throw with the other Moves, defeating and destroying Black T-Rex.

Mesozoic Meltdown

Gavro/Torvosaurus vs the Parents

Max’s, Rex’s, and Zoe’s parents are looking out of the house and wondering where they are, when a Torvosaurus comes up and tries to eat them. Dr. Taylor takes out his lasso/whip and prepares to fight. Then, Gavro flies in and pushes Torvosaurus’ head out of the way. Spike lashes out with the lasso, but it wraps around Gavro’s wrist, and he throws Spike back into the glass door (this event makes Gavro think that humans like to greet each other by fighting, which he puts to use in the next episode). Then he presents Dr. and Mrs. Ancient with an ultimatum: “You can either help us (the Space Pirates), or you can help him (Torvosaurus), and all he wants is lunch.” (Torvosaurus roars).

Gavro wins

Alpha Gang vs D-Team

Dr. Z summons Terry, who attacks a wild Iguanodon and Saurolophus. Max summons Chomp, knocking Terry away from a herd of wild Triceratops. To retaliate, Terry hits Chomp with Volcano Burst. As he tries to use it again, a wild Ampelosaurus hits Terry from the left, sending him flying into the charging wild Pachycephalosaurus and Styracosaurus, knocking him head over heels. Chomp then uses Lightning Strike, and defeats Terry. Dr. Z orders Ursula, Zander, and Ed to summon Tank and Spiny, but they are surrounded by Ace, Paris, Dino, Dano, and Sue, and don’t dare to do anything.

D-Team wins

Ancient Roman Holiday

Spectral Space Pirates vs D-Team

Gavro summons Torvosaurus, while Max summons Chomp. Chomp tackles Torvosaurus. Then, Gavro puts Spectral Armor on Torvosaurus  and uses Magma Blaster while Chomp uses Thunder Bazooka. However, he is pushed back, forcing Rex to summon Ace. Torvosaurus uses Magma Blaster, and pushes Ace and Chomp to the edge of the mountain. However, Ace and Chomp combine Cyclone and Thunder Bazooka to create Thunder Storm Bazooka. Torvosaurus is defeated.

D-Team win

Desperately Seeking Spartacus

D-Team vs Foolscap/Shunosaurus

Foolscap summons Shunosaurus. Max summons Chomp. Chomp rams Shunosaurus and sends him into a building. Foolscap puts Spectral Armor on him and both attack back to back until Chomp slams Shunosaurus into a building and knocks Foolscap back. Foolscap recalls Shunosaurus and leaves.

No Result

D-Team vs Foolscap/Shunosaurus and Majungasaurus

Foolscap summons Majungasaurus and Shunosaurus, while the D-Team summons Chomp, Paris, Ace, Dino, Dano, and Sue. Foolscap activates Spectral Armor, then uses Mayfly on Ace and Aqua Vortex on Paris. In order to counter that, Chomp uses Plasma Anchor on Majungasaurus while Paris uses Emerald Garden on Shunosaurus, defeating them both.

D-Team wins

Coliseum Clash

Roman Army/Alpha Gang vs Max

Max summons Chomp while the Alpha Gang is forced to allow the Roman Army to use Terry. Chomp uses Lightning Strike and wins the battle.

Max wins

There’s No Place Like Rome

Spartacus vs Spiny

Ursula summons Spiny, Spartacus puts the Yellow Cosmos Stone in his sword and swings the sword. Spiny is knocked back, then hit again. Sheer uses Yangchuanosaurus.

Battle interrupted by Sheer and Yangchuanosaurus

Spartacus vs Sheer

Spartacus swings his sword. Sheer turns Yang into Spectral Armor Yangchuanosaurus and deflects the blast. Spartacus swings the sword again, but the end is swung off and Yang beats Spartacus. Yang prepares to swallow him, but Chomp uses Lightning Strike to stop him. Sheer wins, but the D-Team enter the battle

D-team vs Sheer

D-Team summon Chomp, Ace, Paris, Dino, Dano, and Sue. Sheer activates Spectral Armor,then uses Venom Fang against Chomp. Sheer uses Burning Dash against Ace and Paris, defeating them.

Zoe/Rex Lose

Dr. Z comes in with the DinoTector (Mini Super Alpha Controller for the Deinonychus trio) as Chomp shakes off Piatnitzkysaurus and defeats it with Thunder Bazooka. Max activates Element Boosters, then uses Ultimate Thunder to defeat Yangchuanosaurus.

Max wins

Dinosaurs of the Caribbean

Rex/Dr. Z vs Gavro

Gavro summons Edmontonia. Rex summons Ace. Ace attacks Edmontonia and Gavro turns it into Spectral Armor Edmontonia while Rex turns Ace into Armored Carnotaurus. Ace knocks Edmontonia back and Gavro summons Diceratops, turning it into Spectral Armor Diceratops. Dr. Z arrives and summons Terry, turning him into Armored Tyrannosaurus. Terry and Ace attack and send Edmontonia back, then Terry chases after him. Edmontonia sends Ace into a cliff while Terry battles Diceratops. Edmontonia uses Big Rock Roller, and Terry counters it with Ultimate Fire. The blast defeats Edmontonia. Ace knocks Diceratops on the ground and splits the map in two. Gavro recalls Diceratops, takes one piece of the map and flees.

No Result

X-Treme Map Quest

Zoe vs Gavro

Zoe summons Paris and Gavro activates Diceratops. Element Boosters are activated, turning them into Armored Parasaurolophus and Spectral Armor Diceratops. Paris manages to force Diceratops back down, but it surprise attacks her, knocking Paris down. Zoe uses Ultimate Leaf to defeat Diceratops.

Zoe wins

High Sea Chase

Storm vs D-Team/Space Pirates

Foolscap summons Jobaria while Max summons Chomp. Jobaria pulls the pirate ship to safety. Chomp uses Lightning Strike to clear the storm.

D-Team wins (sort of)

Spectral Space Pirates vs Alpha Gang

Ursula summons Spiny to counter Jobaria. Foolscap and Ursula apply Armor, turning them into Spectral Armor Jobaria and Armored Spinosaurus. Foolscap uses Ocean Panic to attack Spiny. Ursula counters with Futaba Super Cannon. Futabasaurus distracts Ophthalmosaurus as Spiny fights Jobaria. Foolscap uses Shockwave and is countered with Water Sword. Stalemate ensues. Futabasaurus lures the Ophthalmosaurus into the air and Ursula uses Ultimate Water and defeats Jobaria and Ophthalmosaurus.

Alpha Gang wins

Amazing Treasure Race

Sheer vs Max/Rex

Sheer summons Megaraptor, while the D-Team summon Chomp and Ace. Ace hits Megaraptor, but is then hit by Megaraptor’s tail. Chomp almost hits him but then gets tossed. Chomp and Megaraptor fall into the water. The dinosaurs are recalled by their owners.

No Conclusion

Sheer vs D-Team

Sheer summons Megaraptor and the D-Team summon Chomp and Ace. Sheer activates the Spectral Armor. So Zoe summons Paris, HWMNBA summons Dino, Dano, and Sue, DinoTector for Chomp Ace, and Paris is activated, and HWMNBA turns Dino, Dano, and Sue into Alpha Deinonychus. Megaraptor uses Hurricane Beat with a stone to distract Jimmy. Once Sheer gets the Cosmos Stone, she uses Ninja Attack, but Ace uses Ultimate Wind and defeats Megaraptor.

D-Team wins

Four Part Harmony

Max/Zoe vs Foolscap

Chomp and Paris are summoned to stop Foolscap, hut Shantungosaurus charges, knocking over Paris, and Chomp is recalled. Zoe activates Metal Wing to snatch Sanzo Hoshi from Shantungosaurus’ back. At that point, Foolscap activates the dinosaur’s Spectral Armor. He then uses Green Impulse to have Tupuxuara attack the Pteranodon, while Shantungosaurus defeats Paris.

Foolscap wins

Max vs Foolscap

Max summons Chomp again to fight Shantungosaurus and activates DinoTector Armor. Chomp knocks Tupuxuara away from Sanzo and starts a standoff with Shantungosaurus. Sanzo runs over to try and stop it, but Tupuxuara dives at him (and misses). Foolscap tries to snatch Sanzo, but Rex knocks him out of the way, and in the confusion, Shantungosaurus swats Foolscap with its tail. Max takes the opportunity to have Chomp use Plasma Anchor and defeat Shantungosaurus, thereby defeating Tupuxuara, too.

Max wins

Elements of Surprise

Sheer vs Rex

Sheer summons Mapusaurus to attack Ace. To attack them, Mapusaurus throws the monk in into the volcano, but Ace saves him with Cyclone. When Mapusaurus uses Heat Eruption, a real volcanic eruption ensues, forcing both sides to retreat.

No Winner

Sheer vs D-Team

Once again, Sheer summons Mapusaurus to fight the D-Team’s dinosaurs. When she grabs the monk, Paris uses her call to force Sheer to drop him. Mapusaurus attempts to use Fire Bomb, but is unsuccessful when Chomp knocks him off. Chomp then uses Gatling Spark to defeat it.

D-Team wins

Monk in the Middle

Gavro/Achelousaurus vs Ursula/Spiny

Gavro summons Achelousaurus to scare off the villagers attacking him, and it smashes a wall to get outside. Ursula summons Spiny to attack, but Achelousaurus knocks him away. Spiny tries another attack, but Achelousaurus sidesteps behind a building, runs around behind it, and smashes Spiny from behind. He charges the Alpha Gang, but is called back as Gavro leaves.

Gavro/Achelousaurus win (sort of)

Gavro/Achelousaurus vs Max/Chomp

Max summons Chomp to stop Gavro from getting to Sanzo Hoshi, and Gavro summons Achelousaurus, knocking Chomp back. Element Boosters are applied. The battle continues with Achelousaurus hitting Chomp in the side. Achelousaurus uses Attack Burst to gain the upper hand, but in a standoff, Chomp knocks Achelousaurus away and then defeats it with Ultimate Thunder.

The Third Cosmos Stone

Gavro/Sheer vs Max/Rex/Ed

Gavro summons Carcharodontosaurus to fight Tank, but it doesn’t go so well for Carcharodontosaurus at first. Sheer then summons Lanzhousaurus to attack the D-Team, and Max summons Chomp. Lanzhousaurus drains much of Chomp’s energy with Power Drain, and Ace is summoned. Element Boosters are activated on both sides as the Alpha Gang arrives. Ace grabs Lanzhousaurus’ tail and smashes it into a wall with Cyclone. Chomp uses Ultimate Thunder on Lanzhousaurus and Tank uses Ultimate Earth on Carcharodontosaurus. The Spectral Space Pirates’ dinosaurs are defeated.

Max, Rex, and Ed win

Two Shoguns Are Better Than One

Sheer/Gojirasaurus vs D-Team

Sheer’s Gojirasaurus attacks the D-Team and Tokugawa, so Max summons Chomp to fight it. Gojirasaurus smashes Chomp into a boulder, so Rex summons Ace, but Gojirasaurus slams him into a tree. Element Boosters are then applied. Chomp attacks with Plasma Anchor, but Gojirasaurus absorbs it with Defense Burst and fires the attack back. Ace then uses Hurricane Beat and defeats Gojirasaurus.

The No-Fun Shogun

Foolscap/Megalosaurus vs Sheer/Deinonychus

Foolscap is surrounded by Takeda’s female ninjas, one of them attacking in a manner similar to Ninja Attack. To scare them off, he summons Megalosaurus, but Sheer appears and summons a trio of Deinonychus. They attack, but Megalosaurus uses Gigantic Fall to send medium-sized boulders flying at them, though they easily dodge them. Then Sheer attacks Foolscap. Then, the Deinonychus attack with their “Whip Attack”, but Megalosaurus dodges. They use Spinning Attack, and Megalosaurus side-steps two of them, only taking a glancing blow from the third. Finally, they regroup and use Crossing Attack from behind, defeating Megalosaurus, causing Foolscap to retreat.

Sheer/Deinonychus win

D-Team vs Sheer/Deinonychus

Max and Rex summon Chomp and Ace to protect the Shogun and fight the Deinonychus, respectively, Ace starts a skirmish with the trio, but Sheer has them use Dynamic Galaxy. HWMNBA scans the attack with a device, and implants it onto Dino, Dano, and Sue. Though shaken by the attack, Rex applies Ace’s Element Booster. While Chomp is defending Tokugawa from the ninjas, Ace uses Sonic Blast and defeats the Deinonychus, though Sheer retrieves their card.

D-Team wins

Dinosaurs, Ninjas and Bears! Oh My!

D-Team vs Gavro/Baryonyx

Gavro summons a Baryonyx and attacks the D-Team. Ace is summoned to fight Baryonyx, knocking him back. Baryonyx uses Aqua Whip, nearly defeating Ace. Max, Zoe, and HWMNBA summon Chomp, Paris, Dino, Dano, and Sue. Chomp and Paris knock back Baryonyx, freeing Ace. Seeing he’s beginning to lose, Gavro activates Baryonyx’s Spectral Armor, but the D-Team equips their dinosaurs with DinoTector Armor and Alpha forms. Gavro then goes straight for the Cosmos Stone, but as the D-Team try to defend it, Hanzou swoops in and grabs it, then escapes with Tokugawa. Seeing a chance to attack, Chomp defeats Baryonyx with Thunder Driver.

D-Team wins

There’s No Business Like Shogun Business

D-Team vs Spectral Space Pirates

Sheer summons the Deinonychus trio to attack the D-Team. Max and Rex summon Chomp and Ace to defend Tokugawa. They then activate DinoTector.  The dinosaurs attack the ninjas. Zoe and HWMNBA summon Paris, Dino, Dano, and Sue to help out. Zoe activates DinoTector and HWMNBA Alphaizes Dino, Dano, and Sue. Gavro and Foolscap arrive. Foolscap summons Tuojiangosaurus and Gavro summons Pentaceratops. The Space Pirates activate Spectral Armor. Chomp and Pentaceratops slam heads twice. They begin to circle, but Chomp tricks Pentaceratops and knocks it away. Ace and Tuojiangosaurus move towards each other, but Paris startles Tuojiangosaurus. It knocks her into Ace. Tuojiangosaurus uses Quake Saber on the ninjas. Gavro moves toward Zoe and Paris knocks him away. Tuojiangosaurus uses Quake Saber again, but Paris uses Green Impulse, summoning Tupuxuara, who attack Tuojiangosaurus and break its Spectral Armor. Paris then knocks it away with her tail, defeating it. Tupuxuara knocks Foolscap away. Chomp and Pentaceratops slam heads in the background. They lock horns and break away. They lock horns again. Chomp uses Thunder Driver, defeating Pentaceratops. Ace uses Ninja Attack. Sheer grabs the stone, but Ace knocks a Deinonychus into her. The blow restores her memory. HWMNBA plays mind games with Sheer and defeats the Deinonychus with Dynamic Galaxy.

D-Team wins

The 39 Thieves

Gavro/Afrovenator vs Ursula/Spiny

Gavro encounters the Alpha Gang trying to find the Cosmos Stone and attacks them with Afrovenator, prompting Ursula to summon out Spiny, who knocks Afrovenator against a wall. Element Boosters are then applied to both sides. After a stalemated shoving match, Afrovenator uses Tornado Toss and defeats Spiny.

Gavro/Afrovenator win

Gavro/Afrovenator vs Rex/Ace

Gavro and Afrovenator find the D-Team searching for the Cosmos Stone and attacks, but Rex summons Ace and applies his Element Booster. After a brief skirmish, Ace uses Hurricane Beat and defeats Afrovenator.

Desert Heat

Alpha Gang vs D-Team/Isisaurus

The D-Team with Isisaurus wanders off on a desert where they find the Alpha Gang. Zander summons Spiny and Ed summoning Tank. Max summons Chomp and Rex summons Ace. Tank uses Quake Saber on Isisaurus. Before they use their moves to defeat the Alpha Gang they recall their dinosaurs.

No winner (Alpha Gang is winning)

D-Team vs Foolscap

Foolscap arrives and battles the D-Team and Isisaurus with Pachyrhinosaurus. Foolscap activates Spectral Armor turning Pachyrhinosaurus into Spectral Armor Pachyrhinosaurus. Max and Rex summon Chomp and Ace. Pachyrhinosaurus uses Anhanguera Dive and defeats Ace. Zoe summons Paris and uses Green Impulse. Tupuxuara beats Anhanguera and Chomp defeats it with Ultimate Thunder.

Princess of the City

Sheer vs D-Team

Sheer summons Lexovisaurus and D-Team summons Chomp. When Sheer and Zayid capture Zara, the D-Team is forced to summon Ace, Paris, Dino, Dano and Sue. Sheer activates Spectral Armor, and Lexovisaurus takes Chomp down. Lexovisaurus uses Sand Trap on Zoe, Zara and Paris, but Ace defeats Lexovisaurus with Hurricane Beat; the quicksand disappears, freeing Zoe, Zara and Paris.

D-Team wins

Malice in the Palace

Alpha Gang vs Genie

The Alpha Gang summons Terry, Spiny and Tank to fight Genie, they charge forward but all are thrown by Genie. Terry counters Isisaurus. Terry uses Heat Eruption to attack Genie, but it is countered by Hydro Cutter. Genie uses Hydro Cutter to defeat Spiny, Tank, and Terry.

Genie wins

Zoe vs Genie

Zoe summoned Paris in her DinoTector form to fight Genie. She uses Metal Wing, summoning the Pteranodon to attack Genie, but he knocked him away. Paris charged him, but he stomps her into the ground, defeating her.

D-Team vs Genie

Chomp uses Ultimate Thunder, Ace uses Ultimate Wind, and Dino, Dano, and Sue use Dynamic Galaxy to defeat Genie.

D-Team wins

The French Conniption

Max/Chomp vs Sheer/Rajasaurus

After negotiations fail with Sheer, Max summons Chomp to fight Rajasaurus. The dinosaur jumps down to fight, but is quickly knocked back (into the building). It throws a rock and hits Chomp, but he shakes it off. Element Boosters are then applied to both sides. Rajasaurus charges, but Chomp knocks him back (into the building) again. Then Sheer activates Blazing Spin Attack, and Rajasaurus throws Chomp into the building this time. Chomp charges Rajasaurus, launching it into the air, and hitting and destroying its Spectral Armor with Lightning Strike, but it hits the building again! Rajasaurus roars one last time, as the top of one of the towers falls onto it, finally defeating it. Max cautiously takes its card.

Max/Chomp win (but the building they were protecting is basically destroyed)

The Wee Musketeers

D-Team/Alpha Gang vs Gavro

Ursula summons Spiny to attack Gavro. Gavro summons Anchiceratops. Spiny swings his tail, but Anchiceratops dodges. It tackles Spiny and pushes him into a building. It leaps forward, but he kicks it. Spiny charges forward and clashes heads with Anchiceratops three times. They then get into a head-pushing match. Anchiceratops throws Spiny back, smashing a building. Anchiceratops charges, but Spiny dodges and kicks it four times. Max summons Chomp. Spiny is grappling with Anchiceratops, holding it by the frill when Chomp comes and throws Anchiceratops away. Gavro summons Gigas. Gigas uses Spectral Lancer, defeating Spiny. Rex, Zoe, and HWMNBA summon Ace, Paris, Dino, Dano, and Sue. Gavro activates Anchiceratops’ Spectral Armor. The D-Team activate DinoTector and Alpha forms. Paris attempts to attack Gigas, but is throws by his tail. Ace trips Gigas. He then bites his neck. Anchiceratops tries to help, but is tackled by Chomp, then thrown away. Paris then knocks Anchiceratops over, then headbutts it twice. Gigas charges towards Chomp, but the result is not seen. Anchiceratops bowls Paris over, while Gigas throws Chomp away at the same time. Ace uses Sonic Blast, hitting Gigas. Paris uses Green Impulse, summoning Tupuxuara, who attack a falling Gigas. Chomp defeats Anchiceratops with Thunder Driver. The Deinonychus Trio hit Gigas with Crossing Attack, defeating him.

D-Team wins

All for One

Foolscap/Ankylosaurus vs Ursula/Tank

Ursula summons Tank to scare away Richelieu’s men, but then Foolscap shows up with Ankylosaurus and fights Tank. The Alpha Gang try to run from their attackers, but are too slow, as Ankylosaurus uses Mole Attack, sending Tank careening into the Alpha Gang’s wagon, knocking them into the forest.

Foolscap wins

Foolscap/Ankylosaurus/Armatus vs D-Team

Foolscap summons Ankylosaurus, Rex summons Ace, and Element Boosters are applied. Foolscap summons Armatus for backup, and even though the D-Team summons Chomp and Paris (with Element Boosters) and Dino, Dano, and Sue (Alpha Form), Foolscap easily begins winning the battle. D-Team uses their Ultimate moves in a last-ditch attempt at victory, but Foolscap recalls his dinosaurs and flies off, having learned the location of the Cosmos Stone, but not before being hit with the shock wave produced by the D-Team’s attack.

No winner

The Haunted Hunt

Gavro vs Max/Rex/HWMNBA/Zander/Ed

Gavro summons Gigas and the Alpha Gang summons their respective dinosaurs. Ursula calls back Terry to pursue Sheer, and the D-team summon Chomp, Ace, Dino, Dano, and Sue. DinoTector and Alpha form is applied. Gigas uses Spectral Lancer on Spiny, but he survives. Spiny and Tank use their ultimate moves, but Gigas blocks them, and defeats Tank with Spectral Lancer.  Spiny, Ace, Chomp, Dino, Dano, and Sue take Gigas down with their ultimate moves.

Sheer vs Zoe/Ursula

Sheer summons Maximus as Zoe and Ursula summons Paris and Terry. DinoTector is applied. Maximus defeat Terry with Spectral Punisher. Paris eats the Green Cosmos Stone and gains fantastic power. Maximus is defeated with Ultimate Leaf.

Zoe/Ursula win

Gavro/Gigas vs D-Team

Max and Rex encounter Gigas. They summon Chomp and Ace and equip Element Boosters to fight him. Chomp and Ace charge Gigas, but he stops them and knocks them back. Gigas then uses Magma Blaster, but they dodge the attack. Chomp uses Lightning Strike and sends Gigas flying into Seth’s ship, destroying it. Gigas uses Magma Blaster again, hitting no one but lighting a forest fire, making all the wild dinosaurs nearby flee. The D-Team recall their dinosaurs and leave the battle.

No Result

The Forest Fire Effect

D-Team vs Spectral Space Pirates

The D-Team summons Chomp, Ace, Paris, Dino, Dano, and Sue to fight the Space Pirates, applying Element Boosters and Alpha form. Ace attacks Gigas with Ultimate Wind, but it is countered with Spectral Lancer, and Ace collapses after the collision. Armatus uses Spectral Stinger against Chomp, but he dodges the attack, but the Stingers cause the volcanic rocks they hit to release steam. Maximus then uses Spectral Punisher against Paris, who runs just ahead of the beam, which causes the volcanic rock it hits to also release steam. Frustrated at the stalemate in the battle, Spectre decides to join the fight and summons Brontikens!

The Search for the Last Cosmos Stone

D-Team vs Spectral Space Pirates (continued from episode 27)

The D-Team is facing Brontikens. Paris charges and rams into Brontikens, but is knocked away. Ace rushes and bites him, but is grabbed and slammed into the ground. Chomp tries attacking, but is blocked and attacked by Gigas, Armatus, and Maximus. On Spectre’s orders, Brontikens rams into the volcano to free the Cosmos Stone, while the D-Team’s dinos are occupied. Chomp breaks off from fighting Gigas and tries to attack Brontikens, but is knocked back. Ace and Paris try to help, but Armatus and Maximus stop them. Brontikens then begins to use Spectral Destroy, but Dino, Dano, and Sue knock him into Gigas, Armatus, and Maximus, bowling a strike. The Space Pirates’ dinos are too tired to fight, so the Space Pirates retreat.

D-Team wins

Seth vs Spectral Space Pirates

Gavro flies up to Seth and summons Gigas, but Seth summons Cryolophosaurus, who jumps over Gigas and then knocks his legs out from under him from behind. Foolscap and Sheer then summon Armatus and Maximus, and Cryolophosaurus rushes to battle them. Gigas and Armatus try to ram Cryolophosaurus between them, but Cryolophosaurus jumps away, and the two smash their heads against each other. Maximus tries charging Cryolophosaurus, but it knocks him into the air and rams him several times before kicking him to the ground.  Gavro, Foolscpa, and Sheer activate their respective Spectral Moves, and their dinos charge Cryolophosaurus, but Seth has it use Blizzard Smash to freeze them and win the battle.

Seth wins

Clash for the Cosmos Stones

Seth/Cryolophosaurus vs Max/Chomp

Seth summons Cryolophosaurus. Max summons Chomp and activates Element Boosters. Chomp attacks Cryolophosaurus, but it dodges, so Chomp uses Ultimate Thunder. However, Cryolophosaurus dodges it and attacks again, knocking Chomp back. Cryolophosaurus uses Snow Crystal, and Max recalls Chomp just before the attack hits.

No Result

Seth/Cryolophosaurus vs D-Team

Rex summons Ace, Zoe summons Paris, HWMNBA summons Dino, Dano, and Sue, and Element Booster and Alpha forms are applied. Paris attacks, but Cryolophosaurus knocks her back. The Ace knocks Cryolophosaurus over. Max re-enters the battle with Chomp summoned and armored. After a short interruption of the Space Pirates crashing into the Backlander, Cryolophosaurus uses Blizzard Smash and nearly freezes Ace and Paris, though still hitting them hard. Chomp attacks Cryolophosaurus, but it dodges and throws him back. Dr. Z runs up and gives Max the Final Thunder Move Card, which he uses to defeat Cryolophosaurus, but Seth grabs its card.

D-Team wins

Seth vs D-Team/Alpha Gang

Seth has Cryolophosaurus summoned, and the D-Team and Alpha Gang teleport down from the Backlander with their dinos summoned and armored. Cryolophosaurus uses Snow Crystal and knocks out their dinos, but doesn’t defeat them. Then the Spectral Space Pirates arrive.

No Result

D-Team/Alpha Gang vs Spectral Space Pirates

The Space Pirates teleport down with their dinos. Maximus uses Spectral Punisher to defeat Terry and Paris, Gigas uses Spectral Lancer to defeat Chomp, and Armatus uses Spectral Stinger to defeat Tank, Spiny, and Ace. Dino, Dano, and Sue use Spinning Attack to knock them out long enough to retreat.

Spectral Space Pirates win

Fate of the Cosmos

D-Team/Alpha Gang vs Spectral Space Pirates

Gavro summons Gigas, Foolscap summons Armatus, and Sheer summons Maximus. Maximus uses Spectral Punisher and Armatus uses Spectral Stinger on Terry, but Spiny and Tank take the hit and are defeated. Maximus and Armatus use Spectral Punisher and Spectral Stinger again, but the Pterosaur blocks it. Chomp then uses Lightning Strike, Ace uses Sonic Blast, Paris uses Emerald Garden, and Dino, Dano, and Sue use Crossing Attack, defeating them both. Gigas uses Spectral Lancer, but Terry counters with Ultimate Fire, defeating each other. Spectre summons Brontikens and uses Spectral Destroy, but the Pterosaur keeps protecting them. Chomp uses Ultiamte Thunder, Ace uses Ultimate Wind, Paris uses Ultimate Leaf, and Dino, Dano, and Sue use Dynamic Galaxy, defeating Brontikens.

D-Team/Alpha Gang win

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