DinoFusion (ソー合体, Sō Gattai means Soul Fusion) is the type of Evolution Dinosaur which is two person fused into one person at the time. However, two seperated persons caused their voices, armor and powers. Peter explains that Samuel and Yuuto are both temperary rivals, but they become friends ever sinces that they both has no memories. For example that both Eureka and Sheer has no memories because Samuel explaining them that climax state has a side-effect for too much then causes to wipe out their memories. However, her mentor explains that two climax state was too powerful for sure that find the secret place called Forest of the Wind just like Flames of the Black Mist.

List of the FusionsEdit

These only four people who obtained the Miracle Gem. Their Miacle Gems were destroyed by Darkyusaurus's Black Hand. Fortunately, their Miracle Gems was revived and used Shining Fusion to defeat Darkyusaurus Rex and Destoron.

Samuel/Yuuto FusionEdit

Samuel/Yuuto Fusion is the personal form of Samuel "Nakaoka" Joo and Yuuto Sakurai after they see the someone's abandoned house with the strange crest called Miracle Gem called Flames of the Black Mist. Surprisely, both aura was changed into two colors then fused into one.

Eureka/Sheer FusionEdit

Eureka/Sheer Fusion is the personal form of Eureka and Sheer after they see the Forest of the Wind.

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