Dicky is a Diictodon beloning to Zoe. She was Zoe's first creature.

History Edit

In episode 1, her fossil rock winded up near the D-Lab. When Zoe tried breaking her rock with a stone (actually the Grass Stone), she was activated. When the Beta Pack showed up, Zoe had her use Thorn Whip to scare them off. During thr next episode, she battled Sister, but Mursula claimed her card. One episode afterwards, she battled Sister and George. Both of them were defeated by her Thorn Whip. In the next episode, she helped Rex and George to (unsuccesfully) capture Ryne. She also helped to capture the Deinonychus Trio in the next episode. In episode 6, she was removed from the team to make way for Tenna.

Moves Edit

Thorn Whip (DKFH) - It was found with Dicky in her fossil rock, but it was only activated when Reese realized it was a Move Card.

Nature's Blessing (DKFH) - It was found in Las Vegas near where Tenna activated. It was firat activated to help the Deinonychus trio.

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