January 24, 2012. In Transylvania, Romania, there is a castle-themed hotel/restaurant that is open all year, not just on Halloween. Today is an especially busy day, because there are a lot of tuorists hoping to escape the rush each Halloween. That lunch time, a couple decided to sit in the courtyard, on a table made of a fossil slab underneath an ornamental orange tree. It's all romantic for the couple, until haflway through their eating, a branch falls from the overhead tree onto the fossil slab, activating into a Zephyrosaurus, which eats all the food of the shocked couple and runs away.

Meanwhile at the D-Lab, Reese and the D-Team are pondering on how the fossils formed and how they seem to have the same powers as Dinosaur and Move cards. Suddenly, a transimission comes in. There's a dinosaur in Transylvania, Romania! The kids teleport away, while Dr. Taylor is still explaining, completely oblivious as to what was going on.

At the resort, Z, M.D. and his Beta Pack are roaming the halls, with Med's clumsiness slowing them down a lot. It is revealed that Dr. Z knew a dinosaur appeared there because he predicted it using a map and a dinosaur tooth bone ("Shake a bone, shake a bone, shake a bone, stew, ride your own dinosaur, two by two! Reveal!)

Barely covering 10% of that hallway, Med is already scared stiff by all the life-sized knights, vampies and coffins, even though he knows they are purely decorations. Suddenly he sees a small, glowing green light moving fast along the perpendicular hallway. This time, the entire B-Team are scared stiff about the supposed "ghost". Dr. Z correctly identifes it as one of "his" dinosaurs, and the B-Team reluctantly agree to cross that particular hallway.

The fast dinosaur suddenly turns into a room that is closed for cleaning, and knocks the cleaner on the floor. The Beta Pack manage to corner the dinosar, which Dr. Z identifies as a Zephyrosaurus. Howver, it jumps out of window, onto the ground outside of the kitchen door. Stupidly (yet naturally for the Beta Pack), they follow it by juping out of the window.

It follows a room service person all around the hotel, until it rreaches the courtyard, near the table where the D-Team are having lunch! Angered, Mursula summons Sister, who uses Volcano Burst on the D-Team, accidentaly hitting the Zephyrosaurus! Suddenly, its beak opens, shooting a green ball at Sister, growing into a garden which sucked most of the energy out of her. It was the Emerald Garden Move Card! Zoe then summons Tenna, who uses Thorn Whip, defeating both creatures. She then claims the Zephyrosaurus, whom she calls Zeph.

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