January 23, 2012. On the outskirts of Las Vegas, a truck is delivering a bunch of fossil slabs from an excavation site in Utah to a small hotel/restaurant, who wants to put the fossils in their newset attraction, a mini-museum. However, as the fossils are about to be lowered from the truck, the fossil's head falls off and lands on a patch of dry grasses, activating into a Tenontosaurus.

Meanwhile, at Upsilon Dot, Z, M.D. and his Beta Pack are planning to rob a casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, Med doesn't want to go, saying that they robbed casinos all over the world, all unsuccesfully, and that they are wanted in twenty-six states, Nevada included. However, when a news report appears on TV about a bulky, long-tailed, Tenontosaurus dinosaur roaming the city, Med reluctantly agrees.

As it turns out, Zoe and the D-Team where staying at the very hotel where the Tenontosaurus first activated! When Compy's sensors detected the dinosaur, the D-Team rush outside, but the dinosaur has already left, except for its Move Card, Nature's Blessing, which was left behind. Zoe then picks it up.

Later, in a casino, the Beta Pack are seen threatening a cashier with a brightly colored gun. However, when they try to fire their guns, only for party streamers and various flags to shoot out. Obviously unimpressed, Mander summons Ryne.

Ryne uses Shockwave and leaves the entire casino drenched in water, when suddenly a large tail smacks Ryne in his face. It was the Tenontosaurus! Now Ryne's attention is turned towards the ornithopod. Until the D-Team arrives.

Max calls out Deeno, Dano and Sue. They perform Whip Attack on the two creatures, but is countered by Shockwave, laving the trio weak and unable to perform. The Zoe summons Dicky, who uses Nature's Blessing on the trio, healing them. They then perform Spinning Attack, defeating the two creatures. Zoe claimed the Tenontosaurus, naming in Tenna.

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