January 3, 2012, in the Himalayas, some mountaineers are seen setting up camp near the top of a short hill. Inside one of the tents, some of the climbers are looking at thier prized catch, a skin and fur from a newly-killed bear cub. Another climber is also looking at his own prize, a fossil of what he believes is a "saber-tooth rhinoceros". Suddenly, a mother bear charges at the tent, wreaking havoc, forcing the climbers to run and go away. Inside however, when the bear stepped on the fossil, it broke into two pieces, also removing a torch from the wall. When the torch falls on top of the fossils, the teent is distroyed and activating a Gorgonops!

Back in the city, we see the B-Team's headquarters, Upsilon Dot. Z, M.D., upon hearing about the attack from a news website, immediately starts to book a flight for the B-Team to the Himalayas. However, the plane he had chosed was already showing signs of engine trouble, and when the B-Team was flying on it, it eventually crashed into the mountains.

Shortly after, Compy detects a signal from the gorgonopsid! He tells Reese, who confirms that is in indeed a gorgnopsid, from the type genus Gorgonops to be exact. It was a large mammal-like reptile, and was also a fierce predator. While Dr. Taylor is explaining this to the D-Team, they teleport, with Dr. Taylor bring completely oblivious to this.

When the D-Tem arrive in the Himalayas, they see a group of villagers running down the mountain. They also ntoiced that the ice is melting, which they suspect is the work of a great heat, possibly from the Gorgonops. To investigate further, the D-Team decide to go higher up the mountain.

At the top of the mountain, the D-team and the tired, messy B-Team suddenly meet face to face! Zoe gets angry that the "old lady" is there to capture the Gorgnops. Infuriated, Mursula summons Sister. In retaliation, Zoe summons Dicky.

DIcky starts off the battle with Thorn Whip, lightly hitting Sister, although that is enough to make the B-Team shocked. Sister then tries to perform Volcano Burst, but Dicky dodges it, then the Volcano Burst accidntaly hits the hiding Gorgonops! Angered, the Gorgonops starts to attack Sister! Then suddenly, the Gorgonops opens its mouth wide, generates a fireball, and shoots it at Sister! Max recignized this move as "Fire Cannon". Zoe then has Dicky perform Thorn Whip again, bringing the Gorgonops to its fossil. Rex sucessfully claims the fossil, naming the Gorgonops "George".

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