Club is an Ankylosaurus and is the loyal, hand to hand training guide of Might Guy. Both the two make an interesting pair and quite an insufferable one, but also known to be quite entertaining. Like with his top pupil, Rock Lee, it was also the influence of Guy that brought Club to be inspired by his partner.

クラブ ("Kurabu")
Dinosaur Statistics
Name Club
クラブ ("Kurabu")
Gender Male
Species Ankylosaurus
Attribute Earth
Owner Might Gai
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Series Naruto
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Like the design of his Dinosaur King predecessors, Club is an Ankylosaur and has a earthy color to his skin tone, with a dark lightish brown on his body. His armor is a pattern of light to dark brown with each streaking alongside the dinosaur's armor-like scutes ending near the its protective yellow club (hence the name). As a chibi his colors transend into a mahogny-like brown and the armor turns into a creamy of light and dark brown. The armor on his head is colored differently to the rest of his body, splitting from a dark reddish brown to a pinkish brown.




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