PaleoTrilogy is a series by User:DinoQueen13. It features the Delta Squad (which is the D-Team with new members), Seth, Amicagraphica K. Yamaichi and Kita Ieyasu as the protagonists, while the antagonists vary within series.

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As the D-Team registers to a paleontologist-to-be school, Paleocademy, they meet new friends . . . and old enemies. The Night Stars are on the loose, and are ready to take revenge on the D-Team.

In the second arc, Seth's friend Cosmos Andersen turns out to be another girl named Amicagraphica Kryschtofovici Yamaichi, who knows all the secrets about the dinosaurs. As she enters to a dinosaur competition with her dinosaur, the Achillobator duo, she meets up with an old friend. As the tournament begins, they all discover that it is more than it seems.

In the last arc, the Delta Squad faces off against the Night Stars as the three adults (Seth, Amica and Kita) face off against Mikhail Stromenburg, a mysterious man with a questionable past.


In the Delta Squad's second year at Paleocademy, something is amiss. They quickly discover that two girls, Janice and Mariesii, along with their Allosaurus and Ankylosaurus, have been up to something over the summer break. The Transformation Crystals make a comeback, along with Reya, who is actually the main character in Paleowars.

Paleo MastersEdit

This is a mini arc/special within Paleowars. This shows Kita, Seth and Amica's days in high school (it was mentioned in Paleocademy, but never went into full detail).


It's the final year at Paleocademy! And even with Seth proposing to Amicagraphica, troubles are far from over. Mikhail, who was thought to be dead by all, returns with Dr. Z on his side. Dr. Z can't wait to get revenge on the D-Team for destroying his chances to become Dinosaur King, so he's teamed up with Mikhail, who promises a good future. Rod and Laura, however, are torn between their love for their grandfather and their friendship with the D-Team.

In the second arc, our protagonists chase after Mikhail after he fled from his previous battle. However, his minions are in the way, and have sucked them back into the past! Will they be able to get out?


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