Catastrophic Outbreak is a fan-made fictional story of the Dinosaur King series created and written solely by User:Hibridragon. It takes place quite some time after the clash between the Stone Plates and the Cosmos Stones.

Be warned that reading this article may be a spoiler to the story.

Plot OverviewEdit

Following the D-Team and Alpha Gang's victory over the Spectral Space Pirates, the massive collision of the Stone Plates against the Cosmos Stones led to the creation of a new universe, which is very similar to the current Earth, where dinosaurs are primed to the fact that nearly every business is kept running by the existence of the fossilized dinosaurs and dinosaur museums. Apparently, all of the dinosaur cards re-appeared as separate entities within this new universe. Discovery of this new universe was done by the Ancients, leading the D-Team to form once more as well as the Alpha Gang returning to present day and together they marched into the new universe to collect all of the dinosaur cards from this universe once more.

The central main character, Alvin Douglas, whom was born within the new universe, must face against the dawning forces of the shadowy organization, the PJC Council, with the determination to become the Dinosaur King and his unrelenting will to see all of the dinosaurs in peace, making his move either with or against the D-Team and Alpha Gang, before the Spectral Space Pirates return to seek the throne of this universe, or before the PJC Council stands above all with enslaved dinosaurs as well as the engineered artifacts.

The setting and area for this specific story is mainly set within the new universe, 0001, as well as the original universe, including some spaces in between dimensions. The time for this story, however, is set a year and a few months after the clash of the Stones.





Arcs & ChaptersEdit

Arcs Chapters
The Tragedy:
The Disaster:
The Calamity:
The Catastrophe:


  • Originally, the idea randomly came into the author's mind, and after re-thinking, the author soon accepted the idea and expanded it.

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