Bird is a Future Bird. He was Susan's sixth creature.


His card, along with the Move Card Heat Eruption, winded up in Argentina. He was activated during a heat wave. He attempted to attack Link, but was stopped by Susan, who then battled him with Gusano. He lost the battle. His capture removed Gusano from the team. Eleven episodes later, he battled a Silurian Scorpion but lost. Six episodes later, he battled a Dimetrodon and lost. The next episode, he battled an Entelodon and a Cryolophosaurus and won.

Move Cards

Heat Eruption

The third copy of the Heat Eruption Move Card was in his Card Capsule, and was activated along with him.


The source of Bird's scientific name is the Primeval Fanon Wiki/DeviantArt series PnF Primeval

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