The Alpha Squad are a group of criminals of the same alien species as the Spectral Space Pirates.



Dr. G



At some point during the series, the Alpha Squad formed. About the time Morto activated, a Tyrannosaurus activated on their base. They captured it with an Alpha Ball, and Dr. G named it Terry.. About the time Lati activated, a Spinosaurus activated in Egypt. They went there are defeated it with an unknown Lightning creature. Htes received the Spinosaurus and Anhanguera, and named them Spiny and Drive, respectively. They found the Futaba Super Cannon Move Card, and gave it to Htes, who named the Futabasaurus Futaba. About the time Queen Red activated, a Torosaurus activated in Kenya. They went there and defeated it with an unknown Earth creature. Dor received the Torosaurus and named it Wide. Later, Dor traveled to Area Fifty-Something and battled Team Monster. He lost Wide as a result, however. Two episodes later, Dr. G battled Monger. He lost Terry, Dill, Violence, Atlanta, and Pawpaw, however. Twenty episodes later, Htes battled Link. He lost Spiny, Drive, and Futaba however.

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