Dinosaur Statistics
Name Aimi
Gender Female
Species Anatotitan. copei
Attribute Grass
Owner Tsunade (Formal)
Shizune (Temporary)
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Series Naruto King
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Aimi (アイミ ) is an Anatotitan and is a long faithful companion to Tsunade.


Like her Dinosaur King predecessors, Aimi's color patterns consist of an holly leaf green, with ghostly white patches around her body. She has Hummingbird blue eyes and also has yellow streaks coming from her spine. Unlike most chibi ornithopod dinosaurs (with exception of they're adult forms) she also has an elongated beak.


It's currently unknown of what Aimi's personality would set upon, but it's likely to say that she would've had the same personality connection has her owner. From a point of view though, Aimi's personality seems more reflected in Shizune's, revealing that she is a lot more somber and sometimes nicer than her partner and with both at least trying to keep Tsunade from going overboard when she drinks



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